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26 June 2018

Good atmosphere, always busy and lively. Student friendly and cheap drinks available. Good music and dance floor, an all round successful night out. You won't have to leave to go elsewhere

30 March 2018

District on a Tuesday is the best club night. The drinks are really cheap (£1 for a jager bomb) and an amazing drink called the donkey kong. Most amazing music, and sick vibes. INCREDIBLE photographer. Not a great smoking area and all the toilets dont lock!

7 March 2018

After being spiked the week before and getting chucked out for loosing consciousness, i returned a week later too reclaim my I.D that the bouncers had taken. At the door i was met with nothing but aggression by the promoters and door staff. I have still not received my driving license despite multiple people who came with me to the club being witness too the bouncers taking it. Instead they took the photocopy of the I.D i wanted back and threw it away.