162nd in Nightlife
5th in Brighton

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7 January 2019

By far the best club in Brighton with great music and student deals on trash Mondays! The music varies on all days, however the great atmosphere carries throughout the week.

7 January 2019

Can be a little grim sometimes but it's always packed, sweaty and there's always good music. Best place to have a good night

7 January 2019

Been there several times, all for birthday occasions and had a great night each time. All staff are friendly, bubbly atmosphere and the drinks arnt too expensive!

7 January 2019

Nice staff, bouncers. My friend passed out and the staff were very caring and made sure she was ok! It tends to be very crouded at times but thats the only thing really!

7 January 2019

atmosphere and music is always great. never fail to have an amazing night. value for money on trash monday's is so good! £1 shots.

7 January 2019

I love the music. Especially Tuesdays event, recently went to the Halloween event and hoping to visit the place next week for the marvel event in memory of Stan Lee. The club always has a good vibe, the staff are friendly. The drinks are decent prices. I really enjoy Their signature drink the donkey kong

7 January 2019

Great value for money, always a good night out - especially on a Tuesday for their rock metal night, even though I'm currently undertaking a placement year, I always make an effort to go on a Tuesday. Great staff, and

26 June 2018

Good atmosphere, always busy and lively. Student friendly and cheap drinks available. Good music and dance floor, an all round successful night out. You won't have to leave to go elsewhere

14 June 2018

I love this club! Great atmosphere throughout the week and weekend! Week days are great value for money! If you love indie music this is really The club for you!

7 June 2018

Always loved a night out to Coalition, especially if you go on a event specific night. There is a big party vibe, sound system is great and friendly staff and great location on the beach front. If you fancy a change they have another smaller room on the way to the toilets for a change or vibe or music. Lastly I would say value for money is similar to most student nights in Brighton, always best to go to uni up north for better value for your money!

10 April 2018

Coalition is a Brighton favourite fronting an hip hop and trap roster and forward thinking party antics. The club is a big name player overlooking the ocean thanks to its accumulation of some of the biggest party headliners in the industry including Madeon, Jaguar Skills, Alunageorge and many more. The clubs atmosphere is great as it keeps a high-octane energy alive.

Benjamin Law
9 April 2018

Great venue, had a brilliant range of music with a decent atmosphere. Drink prices were a bit expensive but the location of the club is good so justifys this a little.

9 April 2018

coalition provides good atmosphere , reasonably priced drinks and a overall good vibe . the music is always upto date and people seen to have fun at coalition .

7 April 2018

I have been to coalition for both my birthday nights out whilst being at university, they have offered me free entry, free champagne and discounted entry for my friends as well as booth to make it feel special. They always have great current music and the drinks are cheap on Fridays and Mondays!

30 March 2018

District on a Tuesday is the best club night. The drinks are really cheap (£1 for a jager bomb) and an amazing drink called the donkey kong. Most amazing music, and sick vibes. INCREDIBLE photographer. Not a great smoking area and all the toilets dont lock!

17 March 2018

Amazing place to go and spend time with friends on an evening out, no matter the day! staff are wonderful

7 March 2018

After being spiked the week before and getting chucked out for loosing consciousness, i returned a week later too reclaim my I.D that the bouncers had taken. At the door i was met with nothing but aggression by the promoters and door staff. I have still not received my driving license despite multiple people who came with me to the club being witness too the bouncers taking it. Instead they took the photocopy of the I.D i wanted back and threw it away.

1 March 2018

Music wasn't great... expensive entry and drinks weren't very cheap seeing the price of entry. Not a fun night out.

25 February 2018

Great place, fridays are best, Friday I’m in love. Good music and ok price entry and best lots of jrher clubs nearby for pres

22 February 2018

the Staff are helpful with the entry deals and getting you through the queue as quickly as possible, the drink service is relatively quick compared to other clubs in the area and is the best place on a Friday night

14 February 2018

Coalition is definitely the best student club, it has the best music and great student nights, as well as cheap drinks!

9 February 2018

My favourite club in Brighton, staff and bouncers are friendly. Regular events and good music. The club is also really well ventilated which stops you getting hot and sweaty even when busy!

6 February 2018

It is a great place where students can get reasonable price entry and drinks but sometimes they play the same music and it kills the atmosphere but overall it’s a great club as it’s spacious and fun when inyear event takes place.

29 January 2018

Amazing !!! Place to have a good drink and laugh with mates made loads of memories would definitely go again !!!!!!!!!!