38th in Nightlife
1st in Reading

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9 February 2018

Really fun and friendly place. Always busy, cheap drinks but the queues at the bar can get a bit ridiculous I’m sold out nights

5 February 2018

Usually quiet until half eleven and unfortunately closes at two which doesn’t really leave a lot of time for a night out. Prices are ok but should have better deals on big orders. When they close the other rooms main room gets too full and becomes very rowdy.

1 February 2018

Poor value for money, drinks aren't affordable in comparison to other student unions I have visited. For example, no '£1 jaeger bomb deals'. In addition, for a venue that attracts big name DJs the lighting in the main venue is just inadequate and undermines the fact that it is suppose to be a nightclub.

27 January 2018

The club is brilliant and very accessible, however some people do get too frisky on a night out and actually often deter others from going.

26 January 2018

Really cheap drinks and biggest ‘club’ to go to. Long queues for drinks can get frustrating and they play the same music pretty much every night

26 January 2018

The venue is very big, however when in peak time can get too busy and you can spend way too long queuing for drinks! I love the cheese room with main room a close second, rnb not really my scene. Needs a dnb room for all those heavy people!

13 January 2018

Good night out, good variation of music with the three different rooms, drinks are affordable maybe even considered cheap and the atmosphere is always good. “Dance” events include guest DJ performances from well known DJ’s and other themed nights also occur commonly, providing a good mix of events

13 January 2018

Overall , fantastic night out for students. Many different kinds of rooms for your different tastes. However, the only negative would be the bar staff, they seem to clearly try and serve their friends before anyone, and being very preferential to females. A better system needs to be implemented.

13 January 2018

3 sixty is probably the best student union I have ever been to. I have had numerous nights out here and I find it to be great. There are four different rooms, making it more versatile than most student unions as well as other clubs in Reading. The choice of rooms of course means there is a good choice of different music too, allowing me to match my mood with the songs I like. The drinks are reasonably priced, although not the cheapest they do some good deals and there's nothing to complain about really for South England. There is rarely the need to get a taxi home as the club is situated in the middle of university campus and therefore at the centre of the student area which surrounds, as opposed to in the centre of town which is harder to get home from at 3 in the morning. All in all 3sixty is a good nightclub with not many flaws in my personal opinion.

16 November 2017

Great energetic atmosphere, relatively cheap entrance and drinks, the staff are all friendly. A relaxed environment, can get a little full sometimes but thats all part of the experience

15 November 2017

Best club in reading. A wide variety of music and a lot more space than the rest of the clubs. Nearly just students in the club and in the heart of the uni so safe and easy to get home. They now take card when buying drinks and you can easily buy tickets online at a low price if you have an NUS card.

15 November 2017

The music is amazing and the feel of it is great, however I do wish it would close at 3 instead of 2.

15 November 2017

It’s a big venue with 4 different rooms depending on what you’re looking for. The atmosphere changes from room to room but my favourite is the cheese room as it’s always lovely and everyone is dancing. It’s a student union meaning you have to either be a student of Reading or the guest of a student to enter. Drinks are cheap and there’s a range of different types of music to choose from.