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1st in Reading

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9 April 2018

By far readings best night out for students. It is always busy, drinks are so cheap and there’s music genres that suit everyone!

2 April 2018

This club is great in the sense that it’s the biggest club in reading and it’s right on your doorstep. Just a short walk from student accommodation and makes for a cheap night out too!

30 March 2018

It is a very Safe club, the drink prices aren’t too bad, 3 different rooms (main room- chart music, other rooms- cheese music and R and B) so a variety of music and something for everyone. There are also special nights with different music such as Dance and glitter bomb so even more choice. Always feel safe and secure at this club. There are also multiply toilet areas both upstairs and 2 lots in different areas downstairs which is super useful. Overall a lovely club with many good nights out to be had. Would highly recommend for a student night out.

26 March 2018

Best cheap night out in reading with the best vibes. Everyone is friendly. Varied variety of entertainment

18 March 2018

A good venue, fairly large but can get overwhelmingly busy. The music is alright.. other than the fact the same songs are played week in week out. Prices for entry and drinks are pretty goood.

16 March 2018

it's heavy on the drum and bass and house music, would be great if there were more R&B nights. 3 rooms to choose from, closes at 2am which can feel short sometimes.

16 March 2018

3sixty offers 3 different rooms with different styles of music which suits most people. The bars are always very busy but you do get a drink eventually. The students are mostly friendly, but drunk students are always a bit unpredictable. The price of drinks is fairly normal, although shots are pretty cheap compared to other places.

16 March 2018

The venue is big, biggest club in Reading, good student atmosphere with cheap drinks. Bars sometimes really busy. Good variety of music with 3 different rooms

15 March 2018

Easy access - located within the uni - so don't have to pay for taxi. Drinks are fairly cheap - typical student prices - however the club gets very busy so long queues waiting for drinks. 3 rooms: main (club/chart music), R&B and cheese room.

15 March 2018

Very large capacity and everyone loves it. Security are not very nice and the venue is too bright. The main room is about to be refurbished as it is a bit out of date. They also often oversell tickets and it is just too packed in there, making it very hot and stuffy. When it is this busy everyone is constantly pushing you and it is easy to get into fights. The best nights here are Dance events but they are stopping these soon unfortunately.

11 March 2018

The main hub of the social life of the University of Reading, open Wednesdays and Saturdays. Has 4 rooms with a range of music from main stream club music to hip hop or cheesy pop, something for everyone. Drinks and entry are cheaper than any other club and you’ll see lots of people you know. Couldn’t ask for anything more from a club.

9 March 2018

Really good value for money! Just a classic night out, cheap (ish) drinks, a range of music. All round a good time. The biggest plus is it being on campus meaning its max a 5 minute walk.

7 March 2018

A good night out for students, probably my favourite in Reading! Open every Wednesday and Saturday night with different rooms to choose from so you can choose what type of music you want. It is mainly for students of reading university but you can have one guest per person. Value for money is good, especially if you have an NUS as you can get a ticket for £3. Don’t like that tickets are not transferable as sometimes they can be picky about if you can get in if you have bought a ticket from someone.

28 February 2018

Great as it’s right on campus, easy to get back to my on campus accommodation. Drinks are at a reasonable value and it’s great that the only people allowed in are university students. The atmosphere is great as well as there are 4 rooms with music to suit the taste of every individual.

28 February 2018

Union is an easy place to go because it’s a 5 minute walk , tickets are only £3 with NUS which is great ! Made many fun memories there and especially enjoyed the ball x

28 February 2018

Spacious area which is good for dancing, has 3 rooms each with different music to accommodate the needs of all visitors. The music in all 3 of these rooms are good and well varied. Bars can be a little bit crowded but other than that good as the drinks are affordable.

26 February 2018

3sixty is the students union and by far the cheapest student night in reading. With 3 different rooms featuring charts, rnb and cheese music with mojos bar if the queues are getting to long. The only problem is the decor is outdated and not modern at all, and on busy nights the queues for drinks can be excessive!

25 February 2018

Amazing atmosphere, the best night out in Reading! Very Student friendly and highly recommended! Entry with NUS is only £3 so it’s super cheap and drinks are cheap too, £2 for a snakebite and £3.50 for a double vodka and mixer! Wide variety of music, always something for everyone!

22 February 2018

Good atmosphere but can take a while to get drinks. The prices are very reasonable for drinks and will always have a good time. The three rooms mean you have a variety of music to listen to. Overall good night.

19 February 2018

A cool, calm location, great way to socialise and meet people. The bar could be run a little faster or more staff hired on busy nights, can be waiting a while. The music in main room could be a more widened to more then just the charts. Toilets are clean although more could be installed to stop the queues. The tickets system is good and works, had no issues. The security are consistent. I consistently have a good time, and visit a lot. Overall, the place could tinker with some minor improvements but it’s a decent vibe. Could be open a little later or have the 3oclock licence more often.

16 February 2018

Good venue and music, should stay open later than 2am, 2am is way too early. Even if it was more expensive to stay open later.

14 February 2018

3sixty is the ultimate student club, located directly on campus for easy access (and no excuse not to go), it caters to a wide variety of music tastes with different themed rooms, has a spacious smoking area and the drinks are always cheap. Plus the atmosphere is always good in 3sixty so it never fails to be a good night out.

12 February 2018

It is always a great experience. Me and my friends have been going there since first year every weekend. I always feel very safe there and have an amazing time. Best venue in reading!!!

11 February 2018

With the choice of three rooms (main, cheese and R&B), there's something for everyone. Drinks are the cheapest in Reading as is entry (with an NUS card). The DANCE events are always amazing.