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28 January 2019

The drinks are really cheap (cheaper than park bar...at union it is £3.50 for a double disarrano and coke instead of £4.50 at PB). The music is good and varied with the choice of main, cheese and RNB. Lots of seats and benches available in the smoking area. Since the refurb, there is more dance floor space and better lights and speaker quality.

28 January 2019

After 3sixty had its renovation the club has become even more spacious and modern. It offers a stylish vibe with four rooms. All of them have got a bar and different music depending on what you like. The drinks are offered at good prices and has an amazing atmosphere for students.

28 January 2019

Best place in Reading by a mile, easy access from student areas, cheap drinks, good night out, saves trekking to and from town

28 January 2019

3sixty is the student club at Reading University. It is a large venue and has 4 bars in the different rooms. Each room plays a different genre of music including RnB and Pop. There are 3 sets of toilets which are easily accessible and usually clean, especially after the new renovation. The smoking area is big and never too crowded. Drinks are quite reasonably priced.

28 January 2019

The venue has different rooms for different music tastes and a very good smoking area. Drinks are at a reasonable price.

28 January 2019

Student friendly, great music, postitive atmosphere. Big venue, with different choice of music so never lost for choice

28 January 2019

10/10 venue, drinks prices are great, beats till 2am, friendly crowd, dominos outside afterward, short walk home, who doesn't love the cheese room, what more can I say?!?

28 January 2019

Amazing. So much fun. I had a good night with my friends and when my sister came to visit I had fun and she had fun. Cheap drinks and lots of girls and boys

27 January 2019

Like that they have different rooms, so you can find songs that you enjoy dancing/listening to! The drinks aren't that expensive, which is always a bonus for a Student Union club!

27 January 2019

Reading students union is a great night out! It's got three rooms and so their is something for everyone. Most importantly VKs are cheap.

27 January 2019

Great value for money, friendly staff, sound system is amazing, lots of different music rooms for everyone to enjoy! Highly recommend

27 January 2019

Very friendly and chill. Always a great night. Cheap and great for students. Music is good and separated in 3 different rooms according to the genre. Very spacious.

27 January 2019

Great main dance floor with plenty of room. On busy nights, youl will get people bumping into you. R&B room is small but not very crowded typically. Cheese room is always full, you'll never find a fight in cheese.

27 January 2019

Good nightclub with cheap drinks and good music in the main room. Not the biggest fan of the 'cheeseroom' but I know lots of people who are.

10 August 2018

Best value for money in Reading, such cheap drinks and entry.. always a fun night out in the cheese room!!

9 July 2018

The biggest club in reading! Love the balcony bit. Cheese room is the one! Smoking area is decent. Always see someone you know there as well which makes it lit

19 June 2018

Now takes card which is good. But not for your bank account. Cheese room is the best. Loads of different rooms with different music. Drinks are reasonable price.

6 June 2018

Really good club/bar. There are 4 rooms. A main room which plays the classic hits. An R&b room playing grime and old school r&b hits. A cheese room, playing cheesy songs and finally a bar which has weekly pub quizzes

4 May 2018

The venue is the biggest club in Reading. The night out with nearly only students! Very close from student accommodation. Tickets are very cheap especially with an NUS card which nearly every student has. 3sixty runs on Wednesday and Saturday usually, with different events on every now and then. The nights are very popular and usually sold out. There is a place for everyone at 3sixty with main room including music from the top charts, house, a few remixes and some throwbacks, Room 2 is mainly R&B with some hip hop, and Room 3 is called the cheese room (self explanatory I believe). Many bars and toilets in the club. Prices inside are very good and affordable for students. There is a clock room upstairs. Some seating area at the venue. There is also an outside smoking area to get some air, to smoke, or talk without the music. 3sixty also hosted Dance events which were targeted towards fans of Drum and Base. An amazing night out with a photographer to capture the night out! However can get a little repetitive.

2 May 2018

The best student night and the cheapest drinks!! Always a good one on wednesdays and Saturdays with lots of friends. Cheese room is the best room!

26 April 2018

Best night out in reading and right on campus! £3 nus entry literally can’t go wrong. Love all three rooms but mojos is the icing on the cake

26 April 2018

I loved 3Sixty, it was the best night of the week. It was right in the middle of campus, provided the largest space and everyone always went. Drink prices were the best compared with town and when guest DJ’s came it just added to the experience.

25 April 2018

Packed night, loads of rooms including a cheese room, dance events are mental having people like Wilkinson and Skepsis, drinks are cheap and so is entry, not far from accommodation and staff are nice and friendly, clean and quite a big venue as well

9 April 2018

By far readings best night out for students. It is always busy, drinks are so cheap and there’s music genres that suit everyone!