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28 January 2019

3Sixty or better known as Union is a club on Reading University campus that is partied at by students on Wednesday and Saturday nights. 3Sixty is a relatively small function with only 3 rooms and a small smoking area. The 3 rooms play different themed music, the front room or main room playing normal chart music, the second room playing r&b music and the third room at the back of the club playing cheesy music or older hits. There is also another room next to the cheese room which in the day is used as a restaurant and in the night can be used to get drinks and sit down. It's a great venue to meet other students in and is where most university socials occur. With tickets starting at £3 and drinks being student prices it is definitely worth your money and if you're a student in Reading a club you'll most likely visit every week!

28 January 2019

The student union is the biggest club in reading and is guaranteed too be busy especially on a Saturday. It is only £3 with nus card and there are 3 different rooms too change between during the night. Yet, the dance events that take place there could differ in genre more.

28 January 2019

Love the upgrade and always a good night there. Cheese room for the win. Good music and drink service is decent.

28 January 2019

Fun night out, good wide selection of music, 3 rooms, space to dance. Deffo best student nights out are here!

28 January 2019

Possibly the best night out in Reading. Great music, with three different styles to choose from. Cheap tickets at £5 pp, and less if you have NUS. Great people and staff. What's more it's right on your doorstep, in the heart of the uni, perfect for Freshers and a good option for older students.

28 January 2019

Union is a class night out, probably the best club you'll get in reading. It's full of sports socials and you'll bump into every rdg uni person here. The smoking area is great and the drinks are decent prices. It's a good night out with three diff floors and varying music.

27 January 2019

3sixty is great as it's at on the campus and makes it easy to get to from student halls! Also the music is great and all the stuff is really student-friendly

27 January 2019

Amazing night out, such a good place to go with friends. Cheap drinks n very good music too. Go there every week for union and it's so much fun. Very student friendly and also safe

27 January 2019

The Venue is the biggest club in Reading, very pumped up atmosphere, main issue is que times as u can be queueing for up to 1 hour even if you've got a online ticket already. Also security are very slow at searching people when entering

27 January 2019

Union is probably the best club in reading. It's got three different rooms all with varying music to cater for everyone, the drinks prices are reasonable and the entry at a fiver is worth every penny. Only downside is it shuts at 2am but apart from that it's deffo the night to go to on Wednesday and Saturdays.

27 January 2019

3sixty is one of the largest venues in Reading and hosts 2 club nights a week at minimum. The ticket prices are cheap (especially with an NUS card) and the drinks are good prices too. The music caters for every type of crowd throughout the 4 rooms within the club.

27 January 2019

Great prices, great fun, great music. The drinks are extremely well priced with a range of music for all! There's good disability access and cheap entry. Best place to go in reading!

27 January 2019

3sixty is a really good club to go to. There is 3 rooms with different types of music to suit different tastes. There is a friendly atmosphere and drinks are a very reasonable price. Tickets are cheap so it is well wort the night out.

27 January 2019

Large venue, multiple different rooms so good range of music, decent value for money especially with nus card

4 June 2018

Union or 3sixty is reading unis student union. Compared to the rest of readings night life it’s actially quite decent; housing three dance floor rooms and a coated smoking area it’s a large but intimate night out. Drinks range from a classic VK to bottles of wine or prosecco if you’re willing to splash out. The entry is a fiver for students and 6 for non uni students although you need to get in with a student before 10:30 if doing eh latest

4 May 2018

Biggest club in reading spread across 3 rooms. Lively atmosphere. Very friendly to students as it is on campus and everyone that works behind the bar are students. Music ranges from pop-dance music, rap music and cheesey songs. Excellent value for money cheap entry £3 with nus cards and cheapest drinks in reading.

3 May 2018

Big venue, 3 rooms with different genres. Room 1 is chart remixes, room 2 is rnb/hiphop & room 3 is the ‘cheese room’. Each room is usually pretty full w/ good atmosphere, and is very student friendly being on campus. Bouncers can be unnecessarily rude though. Good value for money, roughly £2 a pint

25 April 2018

I once brought a friend to Reading University for a night out, he came from a London university. The entire time he was roasting how bad everything was in comparison to his university, until he went to the union. You can't not go to the union at Reading. It's even better if you prefer an early night in, as it closes at 2am.

22 April 2018

Looool the jokest place to go every one there gets sooooooooooooooooooooooooo f***ed, cheap drinks, need better tunes sometimes and to cancel cheese room that s*** sucks It’s bugger than all the other clubs in rwadingaswell tbh

11 April 2018

Great value for money, spacious venue with three different rooms for different music and a pub style room too.

11 April 2018

Busy student atmopshere, 3 different rooms catering to all different music tastes, many different events on, reasonably priced drinks and tickets, good value for money, always a good night out

2 April 2018

This club is great in the sense that it’s the biggest club in reading and it’s right on your doorstep. Just a short walk from student accommodation and makes for a cheap night out too!

18 March 2018

A good venue, fairly large but can get overwhelmingly busy. The music is alright.. other than the fact the same songs are played week in week out. Prices for entry and drinks are pretty goood.

16 March 2018

it's heavy on the drum and bass and house music, would be great if there were more R&B nights. 3 rooms to choose from, closes at 2am which can feel short sometimes.