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28 January 2019

Very friendly to students, accessible. Good, varied choice of music. Cheap drinks deals. Bouncers are strict. Nights out very similar when you go.

27 January 2019

Really like that there are 3 different rooms, so whatever your music taste there's a good range. The ticket price could be cheaper, or have a free entry up until a certain time. Drinks aren't too expensive, but often have to wait a long time before being served.

6 May 2018

The drinks are cheap. They obviously believe it too because sometimes they make students use a breathalyzer to make sure you're not even tipsy before they get in. This way once you're inside you have to buy drinks to get in the mood because the music is the same every week and never good. At least they give you a choice between three rooms playing dance, rnb and cheese music. It's right in the middle of campus which is great. Too many English people.

5 February 2018

Usually quiet until half eleven and unfortunately closes at two which doesn’t really leave a lot of time for a night out. Prices are ok but should have better deals on big orders. When they close the other rooms main room gets too full and becomes very rowdy.

26 January 2018

Really cheap drinks and biggest ‘club’ to go to. Long queues for drinks can get frustrating and they play the same music pretty much every night