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29 June 2018

Amazing, brilliant to make friends, good help moving in from JCR, rooms were small but had enough storage space and were modern, kitchens had plenty of storage room and the JCR room and the library were very nice to have when exam season rolled around. All in all, I would 100% recommend Wessex hall.

7 June 2018

Although wessex is one of the cheapest halls, the room itself is very nice and big enough to live in comfortably. The showers and toilets are not too great but I think they are being refurbised over the summer for September 2018. The social life at Wessex is amazing as the JCR team come up with a lot of socials and makes Wessex seem like a community.

17 April 2018

Good location with decent corner shops and a Dominos 5 min walk away. Close to bus stops so very convenient to get into town. Also, good location to the Uni buildings and main hub area. Social experience is good if you get to know the people in the accommodation building otherwise quite difficult. Room good size and good view to the lake.

14 April 2018

Lovely new rooms and kitchens. Our kitchen was particularly spacious as we were living at the end of the corridor. The shared toilets and showers were dated but clean. The kitchen/toilets/bathrooms were cleaned regularly.

21 March 2018

Really sociable hall, communal kitchen areas where anyone from hall can visit, due to corridors running length of building. The rooms have been recently refurbished and therefore extremely nice. The showers and bathrooms are the worst part of the halls however they are still of an average standard. I would definitely recommend these balls to any prospective students, it is the cheapest hall on campus and although they are not Ensuite rooms the sink in every room is more than sufficient.

9 March 2018

Best hall on campus! Super friendly, amazing social life and just an all round party! Not the nicest of places to live (showers are pretty grim) but that is totally made up by the unbeatable social life!

9 March 2018

Best hall on campus! Super friendly, amazing social life and just an all round party! Not the nicest of places to live (showers are pretty grim) but that is totally made up by the unbeatable social life!

4 March 2018

The location was very good being about eight minutes walk from the centre of campus. There is a bar on the bottom floor of the hall which sells pints at between £2.30 and £3.50 and cocktails. Facilities are okay, pretty standard for the cheapest halls on campus with a sink in each room, shared baths and showers and kitchens. Good social life as you can move around he hall without access cards to each floor or block. The rooms are again pretty standard, not much more than a bed and somewhere to hang clothes and a desk. Building looks pretty grim but doesn’t really matter. The lake is quite nice. There is a JCR common room downstairs and a tiny little computer room which does a job. All in all, cheap, cheerful, does what it says on the tin, good for social life, would recommend.

25 February 2018

I really enjoy living at Wessex. I originally chose it because it was the cheapest accomodation, however now after living here since September have learnt that it is also has the best social vibe and homely feeling. Living at wessex has made the transition from the family home very easy and the support that we receive from the security staff, cleaning staff and warden is peerless. The halls are cleaned regularly and we are encouraged to have some independnce with recycling our own glass bottles and, obviously, keeping our own rooms tidy. The social experience is great as we have our own bar, ice bar, which has a consistently great vibe and our jcr room and library are aspects that not many of the other more expensive halls have. The junior reps of our halls have made the experience of living here even better with socials also.

24 February 2018

Most social university halls Nice refurbished rooms and kitchens Warm building Building is old but the best halls experience

7 February 2018

I spent so long looking at halls comparing prices, rooms, trying to figure out which one was better socially and I think I have definitely picked the best halls! It's the most sociable by far! There's a real community. Rooms are LUSH! Sharing a kitchen with more people makes making friends so much easier!

31 January 2018

Wessex Hall is one of the main reasons I love all the time I spend at uni. It's affordable and very social with everyone knowing each other. I find my bedroom really nice and the kitchen well equipped.