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24 November 2018

Absolutely lovely halls, great flat facilities, lovely cleaning and security staff. Great noise control. Perfect distance from the university

24 November 2018

The best halls to stay in! The rooms were a good size along with the bathroom. Kitchens were a good place to hang out with your flat and where most of the pres were held. The halls are super close to Park Bar - the social hub of the University where most nights out started.

24 November 2018

Mackinder Hall is in the perfect location, next to park bar and about a 5 minute walk to the teaching buildings which makes it an ideal hall. The rooms are big and full of storage space and the kitchens are spacious.

14 June 2018

The rooms are very well designed with lots of storage, comprising of storage around the bed in shelving and under the bed. I also found the rooms to be spacious in size compared to other university hall rooms. They are veg modern and light and a clean as a cleaner comes and cleans the communal kitchen and hallway area once a week. The kitchen is very large and bright and modern. However I would say there is not enough drawers for every student as there are 8 students in each flat. I love how the rooms were ensuite and were of a decent price point. I really enjoyed my stay at Mackinder and would recommend. In comparison to staying in a house in second year, I much preferred staying in halls as the rooms are so nice. It’s also easy to make friends and be very sociable and the kitchen becomes the hub of social activities and predrinks before a night out.

3 May 2018

It has been a great year in halls having a double bed and an en suite. The kitchen is spacious and acts as a good social area.

15 April 2018

Really good halls, clean, spacious and very modern! The downside of mackinder was the social aspect, whilst each block is close not all blocks were very social! Very close to everything, park bar, Union, lecture buildings, great location!

13 April 2018

It is an amazing hall! The halls team is great and they organise awesome monthly events for the halls!

30 March 2018

Halls were modern and came with an ensuite but overpriced for what you got. Definitely the best location as they’re close to the main part of campus, the bar and bus stops to get into town.

21 March 2018

Location Is perfect as it is on campus and next to places such as park bar. The facilities in my room are great, I have a spacious en suite and a double bed

21 March 2018

Location Is perfect as it is on campus and next to places such as park bar. The facilities in my room are great, I have a spacious en suite and a double bed

4 March 2018

I do not at all regret choosing this accomodation. It is lovely, spacious rooms with a lovely double bed! Lots of desk space in the room and plenty of wardrobe room as well! The kitchen also has lots of cupboard space. Everyone in the accomodation is lovely and the JCR team are also. Could not recommend this accomodation more!

24 February 2018

Its amazing! Everything is really nice! We have a dedicated halls team and halls hotline! We have various halls events throught the term

16 February 2018

Everything about this accommodation is good except the price. If you're happy to spend the money then this is for you but if you're not certain you might want to look into other accommodations such as St. George's.

4 February 2018

Great location close to everything, new interior and great use of space. 24/7 hotline incase of any issues as well!

30 January 2018

Mackinder at Reading was incredible. My first day was comfortable and inviting into the flat, much more space underneath beds and in cupboards than I first thought. 24 /7 services are available; from changing a broken mattress to telling other flats to be quiet at 5am. UPP service the flats and change rubbish bins every few days. They also came in to clean the kitchen once a week. These 8 person flats all have en suites rooms, comfortable double beds and a large desk. The kitchens are easy to keep clean and it is all very modern. Mackinder was fantastic!