11th in Reading



Being here for about a year, if I had to choose again I'd definitely go for the same accommodation! I'm living in a catered en-suite accommodation, and the catering system might need some improvement as I've got a fixed amount of credit in my card weekly that I'd have to finish by a certain day of the week. For those who don't eat a lot, this might be a waste of money, but I eat a lot and have no issues finishing the credit. Besides, I get to treat my friends once in a while who are more than happy to help me out. My room's extremely comfortable and homely for someone small like me. The heater works automatically so it might get a little cold sometimes if it's not working but otherwise, the facilities are great! I live on the highest floor (2nd) with 7 others and they are all, although a bit quiet, friendly and we sometimes hang and chat in the shared kitchenette. The kitchen also has a microwave, freezer, fridge, electronic stove, cupboards and a toaster! I'd say that's really generous despite us being catered students, and it's really helpful for me when I like to cook myself some instant noodles when I get hungry late night. Dunsden is literally a 3 minutes walk from the nearest eatery, and 10 minutes away from the central campus. Hence I always go to the Business School to study on weekdays because it's so close to where I live! Besides, I can walk out the back gate to "shop" for things I need. (Greggs, Dominos, a cafe, grocery shop). In summary, great room, nice flatmates, close to my classes, and very well-valued for what was paid!


Location is really good, the halls are very out of date and of you manage to get anything other than D1 youre lucky as other bits of dunsden have been refurbished when other bits have just been left in the 70s. The kitchen is alright but not enough chairs for everyone in the flat. The security won't let you leave your bike inside either. The entrance to our garden in the first flat is also locked when none of the other flats are locked out of the garden. Overall the security are assh*les but the accommodation is nice