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5 January 2019

Terrific facilities for students in a superb part of campus making it ideal to get to and from lectures as well as other parts of town. Designated smoking area right outside the building and great views as well. Bedroom is fairly spacious and has a nice en-suite.

5 January 2019

Child's hall was so nice such well laid out rooms with plenty of storage space and a 3/4 bed. Even better you have your own en-suite which just made life in halls so much more comfortable. A shared kitchen between 8 people wasn't bad as there was plenty of cupboard space, 2 fridges and lots of surface as well as two hobs. However it would of benefited from a sofa/ communal area as the rooms were too small to fit lots of people on to relax and it's not very comfortable sitting at a kitchen table for hours. Halls hotline were good as I expiernced my shower wasn't working so rang and got it seen to rather quickly and was fixed within a couple of days. However the only thing I'd say is it seems to be an international halls as half of my flat were from Cyprus and many of the flats above had many Chinese students in. The price was rather expensive however I would rather pay this and receive an en-suite. The WiFi often had issues in halls with not working but often it was sorted quickly.

8 July 2018

Well maintained modern halls with nice ensuites and plenty of storage. Soundproofing is really good - between each room, and in the windows. The only downside is that there is no communal sitting area other than the kitchen, which isn't particularly comfortable to hang around in. Not much opportunity for a communal TV or anything like that.

8 July 2018

Childs Hall was the perfect accommodation- only five minutes from the centre of campus, clean, well decorated and plenty of space. Loved my time in these halls and would definitely recommend to others.

19 June 2018

The hall has a new kitchen and furnished ensuite rooms with option of quiet hall. Neighbours were nice.

14 June 2018

Would 10/10 recommend especially if you’re not the sociable party going kind and only there to study. Comfortable and good facilities.

2 May 2018

Childs hall was an experience for my first year in the uni. Meeting new people, being close to my classes and having also my own personal space.

15 April 2018

Very good facilities, new and model halls. Lack of social experiences not very many freshers, a lot of post graduate students. But overall very friendly and clean

7 April 2018

Really nice room with ensuite and a big kitchen. you only share with 8 people which is a good amount. It is a bit expensive but most halls are overpriced

31 March 2018

Pleasent area, not so loud at night time (say past 1am). Ensuite room is big and spacious; lovely to host a guest over. Kitchen is big and has good storage systems and facilities. Ensuite-bathroom is enough for one person. Really had a good time here!

9 March 2018

Childs hall is a really nice modern hall which is so close to uni and bus stops. Although there is no common room kitchen is big enough to spend time with your friends. I think the only bad thing about Childs Hall is, not having a common room.

5 February 2018

Childs hall was an experience for my first year in the uni. Meeting new people, being close to my classes and having also my own personal space.

1 February 2018

Only a 5-10 min walk from campus, bar nearby, small social area outside the front door and 3 min walk from the lake. Large room with double bed and en suite with shower. Weekly cleaning staff and helpful maintenance staff.

25 January 2018

It was situated within good distance of the campus and had a bar allocated just for child’s hall residents called park bar. With it’s on wash station for laundry. The rooms were ensuite with loads of storage and the kitchens were a huge communal space!