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17 January 2019

Very nice rooms, they sorted out all our issues very quickly. We had a cleaner in twice a week and everything wad very modern and new.

9 June 2018

Good facilities and rooms, quite modern and plenty of space for parties in the kitchen. However, the flat had a reoccurring problem of rats which was not solved throughout the whole year, and I know they had the same problem last year. It’s despicable and my flat and I are expecting compensation. Our kitchen and 2/3 of our bathrooms have been closed at different points throughout the year due to this problem.

21 April 2018

Despite this being my favourite accommodation, I haven’t had the loveliest year here. We were on the ground floor and have had an infestation of rats since about a month into moving in. They still haven’t been efficient enough to make sure we don’t have any more rat disturbances. This living area is a good size and I love my room. I just wish I didn’t have to share with rats.

18 February 2018

The flats and the rooms are lovely and are modern and well kept, however we get noise complaints pretty much every night from being next to the quiet block and the guard room being metres away from our halls