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The city offers various things with value for money. The restaurants and local shops of food have a variety of cuisines and offered for a great value price. For nights or days out the city is filled with different adventure spots and is also near to other big cities like Manchester and Liverpool, which have even greater variety of things. A great place to visit here is Avenham and Miller Parks which has a wide area of field with attractive views of nature, if you are thinking of a day out or picnic with your family or friends. You will also find that the people here are very friendly and welcoming.


Great vibrant city with a buzzing nightlife. Plenty of restaurants and other eating establishments available. Train station is well connected, trains go to Edinburgh, Manchester, London, Blackpool etc. Preston is host to quite a few concerts, I saw the Sherlock's there and also pigeon detectives. Guild hall is a great venue. Continental pub (a bit out from centre) offers great food and also a brilliant intimate music venue.

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