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15 November 2018

The building is in a lovely location but that is the best thing about it. Further walk from everything that the other halls which is a pain after a night out, the hallways are always dirty and the rooms are tiny and very unevenly sized considering everyone pays the same. The food fluctuates and was sometimes really good and sometimes disgusting.

16 May 2018

so probably the nicestest looking halls situated right on the sea front of southsea, the views from the rooms was nuts especially the double bed rooms. These halls were catered so life was so easy just had to make it back between the times allocated if i wanted to eat!! the place is a hotel during the summer months so the layout isnt self contained flats like the rest of the uni halls, this was amazing as i got to know ALOT of people really quickly. if i was going to pick any halls hands down go for rees halls my time there was amazing.

2 April 2018

The social aspect is rubbish as you don’t have a flat, just a room as if you are in a hotel, it’s very cold and grimy, the bathrooms are prone to mould due to the extractor fans not working properly but the staff are excellent and fix problems pretty quickly, food is good.

5 February 2018

Halls were great very tidy and in a good location food was good and rooms were a nice size. Only a fifteen minute walk from uni had nice social areas as well.

28 December 2017

The location is within walking distance of the university and beach, which is nice. The food provided is good enough and does the job. The social experiance is really good and mixing with other students is easy in the provided common room. The rooms themselves are quite small and cramped but provide enough space to live with.

28 December 2017

Showers were a bit dirty and not social at all. food was good though. although it got very noisy and lack security that care

28 December 2017

Food was excellent but the rooms were a bit small. And the bathrooms were a bit manky. It was close to university and the green being on your door was nice

28 December 2017

A great location near the Clarence pier and the beach, also close to university campus and university library, plus not far from bars and clubs. Great value for money as rent included breakfast and dinner. Rooms were basic but what more do you need! Great halls for socialising!

28 December 2017

I'm quite a solitary person so I enjoy the fact that the common areas aren't that big. However if you are into that then there's a living room type area with a tv and stuff. The lack of kitchen irritates me a lot, as does the dinner times because sometimes I don't wanna eat before 8pm. I also get annoyed by how thin the walls are and how loud everyone is outside in the corridors at 3am, but that might just be this year.

28 December 2017

Rees Hall is in a relatively nice are despite being around 15 minutes from the university buildings and city centre. The rooms are average and I feel as though they are best suited to somebody who does not wish to make friends.