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18 June 2018

Nice halls for what you pay for. Only downfall is that it's very far away from everything else, have to get a bus into town which stop and early on weekends. Have to spend a lot of money on taxis if you want to go out .

4 June 2018

An older building that looks like its been there since the start of the earth, QEQM has some really good memories and also good access. Parking and free food (but you already paid for) are the best things going for it. Cleaners get upset when they have to clean. Buses are few and far between. Bike recommended

16 April 2018

Avoid qeqm Hall, small plastic rooms. You can hear everything from other rooms. No good area to chill with your flatmates either. Kitchen is tiny and limited.

8 March 2018

Worst place I've ever stayed. It's an hour's walk from most uni buildings, there is a bus, but your chances of actually getting on it are slim, it's usually at capacity already, and it has limited operating hours so inevitably you spend a lot on Uber. There's no real social experience, sure, there's a pool table, but that's pretty much it. The rooms aren't great, with only a single bed, no elevators in the buildings, and poor heating. Also, the showers, for no apparent reason, are about 5'6" off the floor, useless for anyone taller! I'd say the saving grace is the cost, but for what you pay, it just really isn't worth it. Internet works well though, being an extension of the university eduroam network.

2 March 2018

The halls are decent, if not a bit far away from the actual university. also doesn't help when there are a ton of bug problems like silverfish, but there we go

23 February 2018

The location was a bit far out of the uni, having to get a bus everywhere. However, saying this the bus was free but it was just a tad annoying if you missed it and had to wait for the next one/ you couldn’t leave halls later than 22:30 as that’s when the bus stopped running. The room was decent enough

20 February 2018

Overall a good place for students looking for a quieter place away from the main city life. However kitchen not large enough for social interaction but that may be good for some students.

30 January 2018

The location of langstone is rather poor, with the busses running fequently enough in the week but abysmally at the weekend.

30 January 2018

The location of langstone is very poor, however, busses do run frequently in the week but are abysmal at th the weekend.

24 January 2018

Not the classiest of flats and can feel a wee bit cramped if you want to hang out in the communal areas / have guests over but the canteen / pool area more than makes up for that. Weekend breakfast is by far the best meal they serve but the food isn't that bad tbf, though I highly recommend making friends with people in the self catered flats if you like cooking with an actual oven as the baby bellings can be a bit difficult (especially for baking). You have to get up rather early to catch the bus for lectures but I'd say it's well worth that minor inconvenience as it's great value for money