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3 July 2018

The location of the halls was a hinderance. Although it was made easy with the free bus service put forth by the university. The facilities in the halls were worth the amount paid. Any compaint made were addressed and solved within the next day. The staff at the reception and the restaurant were very friendly. Overall was a good experience.

12 March 2018

All good, bathroom a bit outdated but otherwise good. Bit far to get into town and the university but being on the harbour makes up for it

17 February 2018

I managed to stay in some of the better old halls. In each flat there's ones large room which I luckily had. However the building was old and outdated and cold in the winter. Luckily I was part catered which was a great convenience and the food wasn't bad either.

4 February 2018

The actual Langstone flats themselves are very basic and literally falling apart, maintenance are basically up here at least twice a week. However the people who live here more than make up for that.

25 January 2018

Out of the way from the university. Bus does run for free but it's normally full trying to get back so getting a decant bike is strongly recommended to get into the uni

3 January 2018

Although Langstone seems a little out of the way from the city centre, this is the perfect place to separate Uni time and down-time in your flat. The bus journey takes 15 minutes maximum and the views over the harbour from the sports field are lovely! Everytime I visit Portsmouth I always go back to Langstone to visit my old halls and I really miss it! The rooms are clean and reasonably sized; all you need for your first year at university. HIGHLY RECOMMEND :D

28 December 2017

Ok, the reason I chose to live here was because it was cheap. Which makes it good. Not only this, but it's one that is self-catered. Now, I gotta have to rant a tiny bit... When we were toured around the place during open days and all that, they showed the room and the kitchen located in the first floor. The ones that have been nicely renovated and looks all modern, chic and comfy. The only thing is... if you're thinking of choosing this not only because it's cheap, but looks decent. You're being fooled. I was given the flat on the top floor which is the Quiet Area. I thought it was gonna look nice and all renovated, but no it's not. It's old. The rooms are alright, not big compared to the newly built accommodation at the centre. The bathrooms are decent too, not amazing. The bathrooms at the top flats have not been cleaned as thoroughly compared to the flats on other floors. This made me and my flatmates have a deep clean in our bathrooms and the kitchen. The social space is also alright. Except it can be a bit of an effort having to walk all the way down to the front of the student village just to go to the social space. The laundry rooms are useless and overpriced. No matter where your accommodation is. It's a lot better to hand wash your clothes in the sink and dry them up in your kitchen on a drying rack. Just hike up the heater to 30 degrees and your clothes will be dry. Considering that Langstone is 2miles away from the actual university, you really have to think about living here. Getting a taxi to and from clubs at night time is very pricey. The buses are almost never on time and they only run until like 10pm on weekdays and until 6pm on weekends. What a joke?! So yeah.. I like this place but it's really not that great. It's cheap though.