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22 January 2019

Good location but room sizes are not the same despite paying the same money. Windows are very thin and not soundproof at all.

9 July 2018

Very dated and old fashion. Very hard to socialise due to the lack of common room, however the addition of a cleaner does help

23 April 2018

Dirty and noisy and my room has a dirty mat covering the floor, not possible to clean The windows are leaking cold air making it freezing in the winter Good location and helpful staff

18 April 2018

Whilst the location was perfect for first year, the windows were so thin you heard everyone walking past for nights out. The cleaners were also absolutely wonderful and polite, but there wasn’t really a social area to be in as the kitchen was small and stools are not exactly a social seating area. The internet constantly disconnected but when working had great speeds. All staff at reception were wonderful too. Bed was not even a single however, and also hurt to sleep on as the mattress was so thin. All furnishings were excellent and accommodated my needs. Only issue is when the lift broke for 3 weeks and had to constantly climb to the sixth floor with heavy bags, whilst good exercise, it was very inconvenient. However, as it was so cheap it was good value for money.

14 April 2018

A lot of people may think that Bateson Hall is the worst Hall in Portsmouth. However, it is not as bad as people think. We have all the conditions we need. Water, electricity, WiFi and so on. Of course, not everything is perfect. It would be good if Bateson had a common room where we could socialize more but considering the fact that it's the cheapest and the location is perfect. It's not bad at all.

6 March 2018

Bateson is situated at Portsmouth central whoch is very convenient as there are Tesco and Asda nearby. The structure might not be that good because you can hear all sorts of noise from outside and the sound travels very well. You can even hear people talking quietly as if they're right beside you if you're facing the Reception and at least on the 2nd floor.

22 February 2018

Overall not too bad, as is the cheapest halls in Portsmouth. However some improvements do need to be made so certain things such as the shower and kitchen have not been renovated in years!

3 February 2018

I enjoy the halls very much and the social experience. I’ve made many friends and with the club and societies

3 January 2018

Very basic and not worth the money. The laundry situation is hard as there are four machines for the entire block of halls. We had a few issues with broken things not being fixed. No proper communal area