Yates (Bournemouth)

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5 July 2018

Decent location but be warned that the road outside closes at midnight. Cheap drinks and entry is cheap too Tuesday is Toast and decent although always seems to be lots of underage kids there too? Lots of students go and can be good to meet some new people there too. Music is good and they have a photographer too

19 June 2018

Cheap drinks, best night is a Tuesday but it has become full of 16-17 year olds recently as bouncer don’t really care. Playlists are similar each week but most people go for the free jäger bomb when you buy a drink especially as the drinks are cheap.

4 June 2018

Used to love toast Tuesdays at Yates but on the day of my hand in sooooo many people i knew were going to toast so I was going to go too. I got to the club and put my beer in the bin before i even got into the cue but one of the bouncers pulled me to the side saying that i had reused to give me drink to the other bouncer and i wasn't going to be let into the club. I didn't even have a drink on me when i was in the cue or when i was getting IDed by the Yates security. Haven't been back since The only reason I'm giving 2 stars instead of 1 is because their drinks are cheap.

4 April 2018

Toast Tuesdays student night is super cheap which is always a plus, however that's about the only perk, the bouncers are awful, kicking intoxicated girls put alone without their phone etc for no reason, saying you can go back in with a stamp and then don't let you and are generally rude and cocky. It's also full of clearly underage kids but the night itself is a must purely down to how cheap it is.

Ffion McCormick-Edwards
7 March 2018

Toast. Yes that's right Toast, actual real toast is given here on a Tuesday. Toast Tuesday is a student event, where Yates set low prices, play a good mix of tunes and give out FREE toast. Toast Tuesdays is a MUST if you're a student here at Bournemouth, the atmosphere is insane with a massive variety of music to suite everyone's taste! You can get Jäger Bombs for only £1.50!! Tuesday is definitely a lit night of the week compared to all of the other clubs! Just let your lecturer know the next day you went to Toast and they'lol completely understand (the best Benifit of a toast).... so what you waiting for get yo self down to TOAST, have a TOAST, eat some TOAST!!

2 March 2018

I always find Yates to be a laugh! The drinks are affordable, the musics good and there’s always loads of people to meet. However, the only thing that gets annoying is the busyness on students nights. There have been occasions where we’ve lined up for hours only to be told that we wouldn’t get in.

1 March 2018

Really fun friendly staff good atmosphere but not best value for money. Wish there was more variety music wise but it's more of of a general thing. Most clubs play the same crap over and over again just because it's on the charts. One great thing is that there's plenty of seats and the toilets are always clean and tidy even when it's crowded. Word of personal advice don't go on weekends.