Walkabout (Bournemouth)

384th in Nightlife
5th in Poole

Review Breakdown

Value for Money
Party Vibe
Student Friendliness
Music & Entertainment


13 November 2018

Great atmosphere all round. Especially on a Sunday. Cheap drinks and entry for students which is great on a budget. Also music is great and current.

7 July 2018

Snakebite Sunday’s are the messiest nights in town you’ll ever have, cheap drinks and decent music! It’s next to lots of shops to get food after the night out along with friendly people and short Queues

29 April 2018

Absolutely amazing experience! First night out and it was brilliant! Can’t wait for the next one... will definitely be visiting again!

7 March 2018

Really good night out, cheapest place at the weekend. We love fancy dress and they are the only place that is accommodating for that at the weekend which is good for me and my housemates