The Old Fire Station

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2nd in Poole

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3 May 2018

Always has so many different events that suit everyone. Friday night every single student always goes out for lollipop fridays. There are 3 rooms which have different types of music on this event. There are different and new events all the time. Sometimes there are one off events. They also have concerts with not so mainstream bands etc. This is also joined to the university so it has student prices and student events. The location is perfect for students too.

23 March 2018

I prefer the events that happen at The Old Fire Station, especially lollipop and applebum. It's fun, trendy and energetic. There are two rooms which allows people to have a choice of music and a change of atmosphere, for example if grime isn't your thing, simply go next door to grunge. You don't have to walk too far or climb stairs either which when tipsy or drunk is favourable. The prices are cheap enough in advance as well as OTD which is perfect as the majority of the customers are students. Even the location is spot on, when you think about it, its insanely, perfectly placed. It is conveniently placed amongst a number of halls, free cash machines, food places such as Asda, Tesco, KFC, pubs, pizza places, and if that wasn't enough it's on Landsdowne Road where the majority of buses go through, practically dropping you on the doorstep. Can't get much more accessible than that! If you want to experience the student nightlife of Bournemouth/Poole this should be where you start

19 March 2018

The Old Fire Station is situated close to all 6 of the Lansdowne student accommodations for Bournemouth University. In terms of price there are student nights throughout the week and student prices can be done for events which are public also just by showing your uni card. The Old Fire Station also provides job opportunities for students as all staff are students and offer good pay and hours. As for the venue itself it has two floor both very big with 4 bars and is often busy on Fridays with tickets usually selling out very quickly

18 March 2018

Very good, I enjoy going here! Staff and security are great, very friendly and they hold very good events and perfect size

16 March 2018

I went for my first student night out and it was amazing! Cheap drinks, cheap entry and multiple rooms (which is always a bonus). The staff are mainly students and good at making the vibe friendly! Always highly reccomend to who asks about a Good night.

21 February 2018

Amazing place amazing events!!! Cheap and cheerful, in a central location if you want to go elsewhere afterwards

16 February 2018

It gives a very friendly atmosphere as you walk in to the club. However some nights are better than others. Most of the time there’s no one there.

12 February 2018

Big ting would recommend to a friend Big ting would recommend to a friend Big ting would recommend to a friend Big ting would recommend to a friend

19 January 2018

Always a great night out, never disappoints. Cheap drinks and good music. Always cheap entry and great value for money. Great atmosphere and always a good laugh with lots of people.