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24 November 2018

Small, however very well located and pretty lively but not too much. Just above tesco which is a life saver sometimes and just accross one of the main student nights out and also the bus stop so no need to rush to go to Uni. The flats are small, specially the living area, the rooms were what you mainly get at any of the older accommodations, single bed, shower, desktop etc. Internet is surprisingly good! Receptionists/maintenance were always helpful.

24 November 2018

Amazing location in the centre of Lansdowne and overall the size of the rooms and kitchen isn't too bad. Unfortunately you're likely to experience a lot of issues though, such as leaking windows, no hot water (we had no hot water for two weeks straight) and your appliances are very likely to break within the first week. If you're lucky though they will get fixed or replaced quickly.

24 November 2018

Lyme Regis House has a very good location in the Lansdowne area as you are close to Asda, live basically above Tesco, 10 minute walk to the town centre and to the beach via the zig zag. Although it is one of the older accommodations, it is still still decent for the money you pay and the staff are really nice!! Only down fall is the single bed and the office carpets in bedrooms, but other than that it is practical and I enjoyed living there.

24 November 2018

Very calm halls, very sociable place to be in and good location to be in, not far from the town and certain nightclubs are nearby

24 November 2018

Lyme Regis house was a very good accommodation. It's close to the train station, Asda, uni and there are also other shops around. The accommodation it self was spacious and it was ensuite which is a big deal for me.

27 June 2018

Lyme Regis is located on a main road, opposite the student union club, many fast food places and is also above a tescos, which is handy. Although it is a half an hour bus ride to campus, there are plenty of close bus stops. The social space is large and includes a tv, pool table, benches to sit and a small study space, but no one ever seems to use this space except for when sports clubs have socials. Res life often hold events, and will come knocking on your flat door to invite you (they won’t leave until you answer), the only one I went to was for the free pizza so I’m not sure how good these events are. The location and the social space are the main reasons why I chose Lyme for my first year. The room is a decent size, has a large sized desk and is an en suite. However, the bed is very similar to a camp bend and tends to move around - the matress often slides down the bed when you move. The kitchen is a good size - we were lucky to have a corner kitchen with large windows, however some flats have tiny little windows in their kitchens, and some kitchens are also a lot smaller than others. Maintanence often took a long time to repair things - they took over half the year to repair our windows which were jammed shut, which meant our kitchen was boiling and we hardly spent time in there. Our fridge also broke, as well as our oven and they took time to repair these things. There will always be at least one lift broken at a time - it took them two months to fix a lift once because they had to import parts from Spain. Socially, lyme regis is not the worst, except for the fact that if you make any noise after 10 security will be straight up into your flat to complain. The walls in the flat are quite thick so you cannot hear your other flatmates unless they are being especially noisy. The staff can be quite rude, espically when you go to pick up parcels a few minutes too early. The security always seem okay, they were constantly returning my flatmate to his room after after messy nights out. I moved out of my flat before the move-out date but needed to return for a weekend on my way to a festival so i emailed to ask if I could have my keys back and they said that was fine. Upon returning to recpetion they were quite rude about me coming back, questioning why I had to etc., but they eventually gave me the keys. I left some things in my room before goig to the festival, and when i returned I found all my stuff had been removed. I went down to reception to work out where my stuff was - the staff were actually very nice and willing to help (propbably because they knew they were in the wrong). It turns out the online information had not been updated and they believed I had offically moved out even though I had the keys¿ A cleaner had gone into my room and thrown away the things I had left there (train ticket back to London, clean clothes, jewellery, make up, prescription glasses). The room clearly looked lived in so I am questioning what person would throw away an unused train ticket and a door key without checking with reception first or putting it in the donations/lost property pile. In other accomodations they hold on to items left behind and contact the owners, however at lyme they don’t seem to care and just chuck it. The manager admitted it was his fault and they are compenstating for my loss and also brought me a new train ticket which doesnt really help as I’d rather have my stuff. Overall, I would not choose lyme regis - I was stuck with it as bournemouth was my second choice university. Personally, I would choose Purbeck as it is not that much more expensive and the kitchen/living areas are much nicer.

24 June 2018

Though in a great location, the rooms are very limited with a smaller than average single bed, a small desk and limited floor space. The internet is limited to 3 devices but is very quick especially through a Ethernet cable. Washing machines & tumble dryers are provided but work on a top up card system and have a nack of stealing socks ...

17 June 2018

Usually only one out of three lifts are working and it has the oldest kitchen/sofa area with bad coolers and sofas. However the security are lovely, there’s LOTS of storage in rooms with en suite too. The maintenance people fix anything reported quickly and are lovely. There are hoovers and mood to borrow. The halls is perfectly situated and right opposite the student union Fire Station club

9 May 2018

Really great location. Not far from the town and bus stop to the main campus right outside. Rooms were good size and overall a really great experience.

3 May 2018

The location is good. 10/15 minute walk into town and bus roots straight outside. Great having a Tesco below. The room itself was fairly basic, but fine. It seemed quite costly for the size of the room with a ensuite, however, probably in line with our halls of residence

28 April 2018

Great location to access town centre which creates a sociable atmosphere. Facilities need renewing such as kitchen. Easy bus service to the university. Perfect for first year students to socialise and have a great first year!

23 April 2018

Very noisy halls but is your average halls! Nice communal area , not as nice halls compared to the rest but it had a great location (above a tesco, not too far a walk from town, opposite the SU)

18 April 2018

It’s a good location for sure. Probably the best one in terms of being near clubs and food. Tesco is just below you. Asda is 5 min walk. The overall vibe of the Lyme Regis place wasn’t about partying, it was pretty chill. Rooms are recentangles with a En-suite which is nice but overall there isn’t much room. They’re pretty good for fixing stuff quickly if you need. Kitchens aren’t nice unless you had a room that’s on the edge of the building like mine was, then you have huge windows!

Modolamu Fatimehin
15 April 2018

I loved my experience at Lyme Regis House. The room was a nice size. It was ensuite which is what I wanted. The kitchen is also a nice size. It is also a very good location. It’s 10 mins away from Asda and 3 mins away from the Old fire station. There’s also a good amount of restaurants around it. The bus stop is 5 mins away.

9 April 2018

The flats weren't the nicest or newest, but they weren't as expensive as most of the other halls either, and they were pretty nice. Overall, I really enjoyed my experience in Lyme Regis House.

7 April 2018

Very noisy. Lots of places smelling like weed. Issues with sinks etc. But lots of checks and good security. Good for parcels.

7 April 2018

Always a corridor that smells like weed. People can be stupidly loud and get away with it. Checks are done often and security is amazing. Good for parcels.

1 April 2018

Good quality experience all around. The staff are friendly, especially one particular night security guard. The only thing that frustrates me is the access to your flat without warning.

27 March 2018

The location of the halls is probably the best out of the lot as it is right in the centre of everything going on. Every flat is always filled as well and you get to know everyone quickly and very well because it is also one block so you always see people you know. However Lyme is the oldest halls of the area so it is less modern and not as up to date as the others.

10 March 2018

Lyme Regis House is a brilliant student accomodation as it is based in a great location. It is near all the clubs and above a tesco express and starbucks. It is quite an old building however and needs some refrubishment.

10 March 2018

Halls didn't really look like the pictures, especially the common spaces. Our oven doesn't work properly and there's a leak in the ceiling and nothing has been done about it. Appart from that the rooms themselves are nice (excluding the bathrooms) and the staff is really friendly.

9 March 2018

Halls is a great way to make friends at uni when you first arrive! There is always someone to talk to, someone to go out with, someone having a flat party.

1 March 2018

Poor accommodation,wouldn’t recommend it. Walls not been painted in ages. Kitchen is poor as oven is faulty, fridge is too small for the amount of people Sharing it. Staff aren’t very helpful.

14 February 2018

Everything is great Except the lifts and the leaking roof other then that I feel that university is fun and and experience. The people in the halls are all livley people who i get along with.