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3 January 2019

Nice location and decent living area , bed and room is too small and kitchen needs improvement e.g fire alarm goes off too often due to no extractor fan

3 January 2019

Very good location to the big Asda and all the nightclubs. The uni bus is right outside and it's also a short walk to town/beach.

3 January 2019

The location is close to town and buses run regularly past to get to uni and Poole. It's run by BU and they are quick to repair anything broken.

3 January 2019

Living in cranbourne is difficult most of the time for a number of reasons. For instance the fire alarm goes off over undercooked sausages. I once got stuck in the lift for half an hour and some of the staff was reluctant to help us

3 January 2019

10 minutes walk from the main clubs in town, and right next to Asda and co op. Decent sized rooms and kitchen areas. Internet isn't too bad and the bus stop is right outside.

18 June 2018

Good balance between the most expensive or fanciest halls and the cheapest and most basic - cranbourne had a good mix of people both party animals and less so. Good location being close to Asda, train station gym, town centre and more local bars. Pay and display carpark next door but no on-site parking.

Natalie Defontaine
6 June 2018

It was alright there, the rooms are small but you have your own communal space with a kitchen for each floor.

30 April 2018

There are so many halls to choose from and all are very modern and very friendly! They have all the facilities you need starting out as a student! I would definitely recommend Bournemouth university accommodation

22 April 2018

I do like living in the flat as I got extremely lucky with my flat mates but there are some things which aren’t great. This includes the rats in the smoking area, there is no compost bin in the flats, for the first few months there was hardly hot water, there aren’t curtains in the windows in the kitchen meaning people can always see into the flat which makes me feel anxious a lot of the time, the beds are also reeeaaally uncomfortable. However the parcel collection system is great and works well and the sound containment is also great. The location is perfect as well so nights out are easy and the uni bus stop is right outside the halls!

21 April 2018

Lifts never work, maintenance enter flat without knocking and fire alarm evacuations really early in the morning and problems with hot water a lot. Staff are nice and social side of the halls is good if you like partying, location right near town centre

20 April 2018

Located right near the town center, which is super convenient. The co-op(small super market) is located a 1 minute walk away as well as the bus stop to go to uni. If the weather is nice, you take a 30 minute walk to uni. The beach is a 15 minute walk away. The rooms are everything a uni student would really need.

18 April 2018

Overall I had a great experience because I had a single room, which allowed me to have my privacy. At the same time the kitchen was shared which was great as it allowed me to make friends with the corridor people. The laundry was really good and not too expensive. Location perfect for the first year, as it is close to town centre and night life. Only 10 minutes bus ride to Uni.

14 April 2018

Joint best party halls in Bournemouth. People are great, halls are nice. Rooms and showers are great. Cooking appliances good and security are nice.

19 March 2018

Room is too small and not great value for money, sofas in kitchen are the most uncomfortable things ever but the social life makes it fun

7 March 2018

great location, maintenance isn't great. the walls are thin and you can hear other people easily. Building works going on nearby early in the morning which is a disturbance.

6 March 2018

The staff are disorganised and occasionally rude. Faults and fixes are not attended to quickly and there is little communication

28 February 2018

Cranborne has seen me make many friendships that will last, although my flat has been robbed and my belongings have not be financially replaced. Safety is an issue at cranborne and the staff don't care to help much.

28 February 2018

There are a lot of fun people here however I wish there was a better communal area. Also there is no extractor fan in the kitchen which results in fire alarms nearly everyday. Additionally the showers are never a good temperature they are either boiling hot or freezing cold.

28 February 2018

Dirty, rats everywhere, homeless people come on our property. Always loud, LOTS of building work going on so can’t sleep. My room literally vibrates. Res Life isn’t good. Heating isn’t good, never on and when it is on it is never that hot to heat up the room. Shower is like knives and very hot and cold - bipolar. Dirty, rats everywhere, homeless people come on our property. Always loud, LOTS of building work going on so can’t sleep. My room literally vibrates.

28 February 2018

Rats common in smoking area, constant fire alarms due to poor ventilation in kitchens, but 24/7 reception and enthusiastic res life team are advantages

28 February 2018

The halls itself is a fun vibrant place full of people who are welcoming and always up for going out! My only downside would be the lack of extractor fans in the kitchens and the seemingly never ending early morning fire alarms! But if you want a halls that’s fun and full of people who always want to have a good time this is the halls for you

27 February 2018

Good quality room. Kitchen has good facilities. Good location. Close to town so there is good nightlife

26 February 2018

Overall I great halls of residence, a few minor issues that could be sorted but the rooms are good and the shared living spaces are well set out

27 January 2018

The rooms are a reasonable size, as well as the community areas within a flat. The whole halls experience is definetly recommended, it allows you to meet new people and create relationships that will be vital to your uni life, as well as flat parties and pre drinks you’ll meet so many people who you’ll click with