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3 January 2019

The en suite rooms are nice and comfortable, the kitchens are a little small but you can still make lots of meals if you cook together with flatmates, the staff are friendly and helpful,love playing pool in the reception area which is a area where you can socialize. Corfe House is close to Salisbury's, Aldi and the town centre. Only problem is the distance to Talbot Campus which results in long bus journeys.,

8 August 2018

The location was perfect for me. It's in Poole town centre which is where I work and is only half an hour away from uni on the bus. If you're looking for nightlife this accommodation wouldn't be the right one for you. The rooms are good value with a small double bed, en suite and a lot of desk/storage space. This is the cheapest accommodation available and is the best value for money as you get the same/better facilities as the other places in Bournemouth. The staff are friendly.

6 June 2018

Corfe House was quite far away from uni campus but the buses were easy to use. Interacted with a lot of other students and had a lot of fun

23 April 2018

There facilities were great and was nice to have s double bed. However the massive down side was that it wasn’t in Bournemouth therefore socially it was awful as was far away from everything and took lots of time out of my day to travel to pmaves

9 April 2018

Very nice and clean Situated too far away from Talbot Campus Double beds makes for a better sleeping arrangement

27 March 2018

The location for me is excellent. I work less than a 10 minute walk away, theres a few direct buses to the university that take about half an hour, the beach is only a 20 minute drive and the accommodation is next to the shopping area of Poole. However, there are some problems within the accommodation. The shower in my room is not the best, the people are very noisy especially at night and the wifi can be slow. Although the rooms are a good size with en suite, a desk, wardrobe and small double bed. This accommodation is also the cheapest with the same or even better facilities than some of the other places.

24 March 2018

This halls of residence may seem daunting to any student who ends up in it by mistake, though it can be the time of your life. Being stuck with hundreds of people who all got plopped 6 miles away in Poole but really it's just one massive party all the time. Corfe is a lifestyle man..... oh yeah the rooms are sick and it's all cushty

19 March 2018

Where to start... the halls are located in Poole. 30 minutes to a bus to get to the campus on a good day, try it when they decide to renovate your whole route! Bournemouth is far away, feel pretty excluded from everyone else as going down to Bournemouth is kind of effort. Deliveroo options are weak. No ubereats. Not many people in my flat, even less of a social life.

25 February 2018

All accommodation in BU is great and was by far the nicest when applying for universities. I liked living in Corfe House because it was smaller to other halls at BU and was in Poole. The rooms were nice with double beds and a en-suite bathroom. I only shared a kitchen with 3 other flatmates and we had 2 fridge/freezers to share. We had many cupboards to use and a comfortable common area. My only issue was the distance between Corfe and the university/bournemouth town centre. It was quite a pain to go anywhere by bus and I’d easily spend an hour on the bus for one journey. There was also not that much to do in Poole in terms of nightlife but I didn’t mind because I wasn’t that big into clubbing. Overall, I really liked Corfe and would recommend it to those who want something a bit different and more removed from the crazy nightlife that bournemouth has.

28 December 2017

It was a lovely building and the staff were very helpful and kind. It was always kept clean and tidy but the down side was that it was far from university. I felt safe in the building and the 24hr staff helped with that.