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Nights out in Poole are limited to going out in Bournemouth unless you fancy a pub grub and drinks. There are a few great places to eat, not many but actually great. Shopping is generally rather sparse but close to public transport and parking, for a shopping centre day out - go to Southampton, other daily needs are satisfied. Value for money? On rented accommodation - it's expensive, not to even mention all the troubles you might get when renting at the letting agencies. Poole Quay is a lovely place for a walk, with many events throughout the year, the light festival or Quay for my car. Abundance of gyms and little high street shops dotted around the town. There is a 13/14th century wall with a cute gate and a few architecturally significant town buildings. Not perfect for cycling around unless you want to exercise the hill rise, the hills are unavoidable. Easy access to Bournemouth with double the features of Poole.


Smalll nice town, nice place to walk around and quiet beaches, I have friends there so i visit it very often, I live in london so any time that I can go and see the sea it’s welcomed

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