St Thomas Court

4th in Plymouth



St Thomas court was an overall nice place to stay. However, in my experience, the room I had was not the the best as I had lots of problems with maintenence issues that did not get taken seriously and took a long time to be rectified, meaning my stay there was spoiled. The staff were not overly attentive, and were not at the reception most of the time, meaning parcels couldnt be delivered and any urgent problems you had would not be seen to for long periods of time on end. The social aspect was very fun as you got to meet lots of new people who live in the same place as you, and organise parties etc. The location is very good and is about a 10 minute walk to the uni, so not the best but still a short walk to uni and the city centre.


The halls themselves are nice, finished to a good standard and in a great location - close to the city centre and the uni. But the social experience is horrible, not many people in these halls are friendly or welcoming