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Not much things can do at night,shops and some of the restaurants close early,but it's an affordable place to live or study,with lively cultural scene. It's a city by the sea.The hoe and barbican are great places.It's an old city by the port, with many old buildings and interesting shops. A quiet town. Plymouth is a safe city,with lower crime rates.It has a nice weather and fresher air if compared to other parts of the UK.House prices are moderate.Have a lot of relaxing environment as it has a lot of green space. Suitable to those who wants a lively life but not for those who are seeking for energetic city life.


I love Plymouth as a place to live and also to visit for shorter periods. As a very student/university centered city, most of the centre feels safe to young people and that is a lot of accomodation, food, retail, and activity options. It is an affordable place to live.

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