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Good student environment and atmosphere as it is located on campus and run by the students. The seasonal events, such as the halloween party and Christmas snow ball, tend to be the student favourites due to the high turn out and festive decor. At times there is live music which is always appreciated howvever the music generally could be better as it is all chart music.


Inexpensive drinks, could do with having more events, perhaps silent discos and providing more seating


A nice decent sized venue for the number of students on campus, the weekly 'open mic' night is always good fun and a relaxed atmosphere. Very student friendly of course being on campus, weekly and fortnightly themed events which can be a little pricey but not if you grab the early bird tickets, music to cater to all tastes, from 90's to 20's, pop to rock. Drinks are reasonably priced and half price on student night which is always a bonus.