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22 April 2018

Social aspect is great - ideally located. Everyone is one big family. If you're in a double room it's not ideal, but some people get on really well with their roommate. If you're in a single, you've possibly got the best accommodation on campus.

12 February 2018

Brilliant location-so close to the centre of campus, beautiful view. Super good value- you get all the same food as Holland Hall, and have great cheap accommodation. Mardon has such a uniques community feel to it, there are about 100 people there, and by the end of first term you know everyone pretty well, so it's a lot of fun, and you make tonnes more friends than you may have done in a flat like many other halls.

28 December 2017

It's a solid hall, the common room is a fantastic place in which to socialise, all one has to do is take part in the ping pong games or pool games and one will make friends very quickly.