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14 June 2018

Fantastic location only 5 minutes from my bed to lectures, 30 seconds to dinner made for you everyday and a stunning view from the eating area over the green hills. Incredibly friendly people in halls where I met some of my best friends. There is also a great common room for socialising, with table tennis, pool, tv and sofas, as well as tennis courts right outside!

8 June 2018

Great community atmosphere. Best halls by far, everyone is sociable and it's like having a family of 100 or so people. Location is ideal for central campus (5 minute walk through the gardens), and the gym is about 2 minutes away as well.

7 June 2018

Mardon Hall is without a doubt the best halls in Exeter. With its open plan layout you instantly have 80 new friends who you can socialise with in the common room or library. It is only 3mins walk away from central campus and is a guaranteed good time!

22 April 2018

As an international student, who had never been to England before, living in the university accommodation was very useful socially. The welcoming and friendly fellow students also helped me quite a lot to settle into a completely new environment, surrounded by completely new people.

22 April 2018

Incredible hall, best thing about uni, so much fun, so friendly, will miss it so much next year, honestly best thing ever

22 April 2018

Social aspect is great - ideally located. Everyone is one big family. If you're in a double room it's not ideal, but some people get on really well with their roommate. If you're in a single, you've possibly got the best accommodation on campus.

12 February 2018

Brilliant location-so close to the centre of campus, beautiful view. Super good value- you get all the same food as Holland Hall, and have great cheap accommodation. Mardon has such a uniques community feel to it, there are about 100 people there, and by the end of first term you know everyone pretty well, so it's a lot of fun, and you make tonnes more friends than you may have done in a flat like many other halls.

28 December 2017

The best hall in the university by a long shot. It has a very friendly community feel, a bit like a boarding house where everyone knows each other and gets along well. You get the same food and nice views of the valley as Holland Hall next door, for a bargain price, can't complain :)

28 December 2017

It's a solid hall, the common room is a fantastic place in which to socialise, all one has to do is take part in the ping pong games or pool games and one will make friends very quickly.