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18 November 2018

Palatine Court in my first year of university was amazing. The flats were contemporary, clean & had large communal areas. Every room had an en suite, a TV and computer & even a mini fridge!! The kitchens were fully equipped with pots and pans too, a 32 inch TV and a locked cupboard each. And all this for an amazing & competitive price!

18 November 2018

Palatine Court is central to the University with spacious accommodation for clusters of 8 or more. My main positive is the communal facilities and the modern style of the accommodation. But my cluster have had problems with our ensuite facilities and the WiFi is poor.

18 November 2018

I pay £124 a week and I honestly say it's worth ever penny. From it's glossy white modern design to it's spacious living space/kitchen, Palatine Court is a gorgeous place to live at university. I believe it's contributed positively to my experience at Edge Hill and wouldn't recommend any other halls of residence. The bedrooms are fully equipped with a television, a full length mirror and an en-suite bathroom.

Shannon Rastrick
18 November 2018

Palatine Court halls is just a short distance from the Geosciences building which is were I walked to and from most days so is ideal for waking up last minute before a 9am. The halls of residence itself is stunning to look at, its so spacious in the social areas and isn't pricey. What more could you want!! It's such an easy way to make friends as everybody is in the same boat, and the room is gorgeous with so much space and a very comfy bed

13 June 2018

Good location and the rooms were a good size. We had a massive kitchen which was good and we had cleaners everyday Mon-Fri who were lovely.

30 May 2018

Living in Palatine Court is a very mixed experience. 8 people living in one flat can be a pot luck; you never know what sort of flatmates you're going to get. Top tip- make sure you clean up after you when using the communal kitchen, it can cause MAJOR tension if your flatmates have to wash out the communal pots and pans because you couldn't be bothered to clean up after yourself, plus no-one wants maggots in the kitchen. Palatine Court has beautiful kitchens, very large and spacious complete with a TV, couch, table and chairs, lockable cupboards and stools, however the hobs are induction hobs so unless you want to share the university provided set with 7 other people, make sure your pans are compatible! The rooms themselves are quite nice, have lots of storage space under the mattress, in the wardrobe and on the shelves, and each room comes with a TV/computer and a mini fridge in the wardrobe. The main downside to these rooms are the windows. The windows take up one wall, which gives you very little privacy unless you have your roller blind down all day long, and the part that opens doesn't open very far, which makes it impossible to get a decent amount of fresh air in the room. Another downside is the rooms are stifling hot. Make sure you buy a fan for your room because, otherwise, you will melt. Whilst the under the bed storage is useful, the mattress on your bed is extremely heavy which can make access quite difficult as you have to lift the mattress up to be able to open up the storage areas. Each room in Palatine court has an en suite. This ensuite is a wet room with an awkwardly shaped shower that can make showering with the door closed extremely awkward and uncomfortable, so get ready to shower with the door open and live with a soaking wet bathroom floor for the next few hours. The shower itself is also pretty awful, it looks nice and fancy but it either shoots out burning hot water or freezing cold water and takes an age to find a perfect in between that usually switches between perfect and cold as you shower. It's a fixed shower head which can also be extremely awkward for people of different heights. All in all, Palatine Court can be a decent place to live in (it's a bit on the expensive side though) if you can get along with anyone, you keep clean and respectful to others and can deal with heat.

4 May 2018

Palatine Court is a newly built section of the University, they are modern and stylish but also manage to contain a homely atmosphere. Each flat houses eight students, who each get their own room with en-suite. Even though there are only singles beds up for grabs they are a little bit on the larger side and can easily fit two people in for when your friends from home come to visit! Additionally a computer/tv is provided as well as a mini-fridge!! The kitchen has two of everything and pots and pans are provided, there is a large table with enough space for everyone as well as a small sofa, bean bag and flat screen tv. Overall, I think it is an extremely well laid out accommodation and every need has been accounted for! You won’t want to live anywhere else!!!

10 April 2018

The rooms in palatinate court have a modern design and the kitchen area is very spacious however I believe this is over compensating for the lack of things to do in ormskirk

Amy Keithley
10 April 2018

Halls were lovely and clean, making sure that the cleaners care everyday. The people were also nice and sociable. First was Afun in halls and made University welcoming and fun.

10 April 2018

Very clean and welcoming. The people I lived with were happy and friendly people who were always looking to socialise and have a good time in first year

29 March 2018

Palatine Court is a good halls, although rather expensive. The kitchens are lovely and large, however they have induction hobs which they don't tell you about and they can be pricey to buy new pans for. The rooms are a good size, have a decent amount of storage space, a computer, a mini fridge and an en suite. He mattresses are quite heavy and hard, which can make access to the under bed storage difficult, and the rooms get ridiculously hot but you can't open the windows wide enough to counter this, so buying a fan is necessary. The WiFi can be shockingly bad and the showers can be terrible too, always too hot or too cold, never in between. It's an alright place to live though.

24 March 2018

My experience in halls has been overall very good! The cleaners that come in on the weekdays are lovely, & there’s definitely enough room for the 8 of us! I’ve also had a lovely view of the donkeys in the neighbouring field from my room, which was a bonus. I’ve loved living in halls for my first year.

Leah Davey
4 January 2018

These halls are right next to the hub on campus, meaning that it takes only 5 minutes to get to any lecture or visit a friend. Each room has an en suite bathroom and the shower is great - high pressure and hot - although it doesnt move. The kitchen and living room are more than big enough as social spaces. Wifi is iffy in my building.

28 December 2017

Almost brand new and very modern, Palatine halls are amazing value for money- as they’re cheaper than most unis at £119 per week. All rooms are en suite, we have a fully furnished living area and kitchen and a cleaner that comes every week day