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8 July 2018

Back halls was the cheapest halls of residence at Edge Hill University and I believe it was grateful the price you were getting it at. You got a £40 weekly food card which you could use to feed yourself and save yourself money and an open common room where you could socialise with other people. Unlike other halls at Edge Hill University back halls give you the chance to know all 40 residents on a personal name basis and I made some of my best friends there.

8 June 2018

I lived in the back halls at Catherine Fletcher. The room is quite large which is nice and the wash basin comes in very handy. Of course the back halls are very local and close to everything which is very convenient. However, the walls are very thin, being so close to the su bar, you can hear the night club and karaoke sometimes.

28 March 2018

The only downfall to these halls is that it's a shared bathroom and toilet. The communal area is great but lacks chairs. The cleaner does not clean as she claims it is not her job to do so. Made many friends as there are around 40 rooms. Great value for money so so close to the Student Union, it's great.

26 February 2018

It's in the centre of campus and that makes easy to reach any faculties. Loundrete it's just 2 minutes away. Rooms are big enough for one person. Great common rooms which allow students to gather in one place to watch TV, socialise, play some games or prepare for a night out. These halls are affordable and not to shabby.

Nadia Penman
10 January 2018

The location is ideal, because everything you need is around you. As it only takes a couple of minutes to get to the shops, Starbucks, bar, subways, etc on campus. The room in back halls is also very nice, as the only issues I’ve had so far is the radiator leaking, my door handle falling off, and the sink in the room not giving cold water. But apart from those very small problems, the room is extremely good for the money. Lastly the social experience has been really good, due to our whole block having to share one common room, it enables you to meet and socialise with everyone, which is really nice.