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3rd in Nottingham

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22 November 2018

The staff at stealth are very polite. The drinks are cheap. There was a good atmosphere in the club

21 November 2018

huge huge huge fan, ten out of ten get me there now and always xxx stealth is the best great vibes (bouncers sometimes a bit dodgy but so is every bouncer lol)

21 November 2018

Wicked night with a fantastic atmosphere and bangin tunes made it a birthday to remember. Good night when good music was played I enjoyed it. Great atmosphere, everyone there just to have a good time.

21 November 2018

Everyone's really friendly and people of all ages are there. Staff are always welcoming and great night out for all different music tastes with 5 rooms

21 November 2018

Venue and music is great and in a good location. They always have amazing events on Toilets are unsatisfactory they never have toilet roll and are always filthy.

21 November 2018

Stealth has some good djs placing sometimes but the main room is too small and stuffy, lights aren't good, water tastes horrible and the toilets are always damp. The big room by rescue rooms needs to be the main room.

21 November 2018

The atmosphere is always good at gigs and bassline events . Two rooms which are usually good 9 out of 10 of the time . The students are all ready to have a good time and enjoy the music . And the price of entry is good as you get what you pay for

21 November 2018

Stealth is actually the best club in notts. They have the greatest music and the greatest events. The drinks are fairly cheap and it's extremely close to the uni so the walk isn't fair at all.

21 November 2018

Stealth is the best club in nottingham, the only one which hosts decent weekly events at affordable prices. The staff are friendly and the punters are banter.

21 November 2018

Music is always amazing. Staff are mostly friendly, I've had some of the best nights of my life at Stealth and I plan to carry on forever

21 November 2018

Good djs such as fisher and skream, also holds good events such as souljam and triple cooked, good small venue so dont get lost and good sized smoking are

21 November 2018

Very good atmosphere, a lot of space and really good music. Really good how on Tuesdays you get free entry to rescue rooms also. It is very student friendly as most of the people who go there are actually students. Also hold some of the best events in Nottingham such as Soul Jam and Triple Cooked.

5 August 2018

Wonderful venue, great vibes, extremely accommodating, fantastic mix of music and fairly cheap to succeed in making it the place to go in Nottingham.

4 July 2018

Always a great night. Never too packed either as they are great with capacity control unlike rock city

21 June 2018

One word for any current or new student attending one of the two Nottingham Universities, Stealth. Stealth is the place any student can go and forget about their stressful week at uni or their annoying housemate who leaves mouldy dishes in the sink and dance the night away. Offering a vast range of nights, events and music genres. Ranging from classic Jungle DNB to that inner 80s disco funk we all love to let loose for a groove. The prices match are student friendly whether it’s for a double whiskey or a ticket for your favourite DJ you won’t wake up in the morning checking your bank account (hopefully, we’ll... let’s be realistic). The crowds we lively and always include some wavy garms that’ll have you tapping on your mates shoulder. In a nutshell, get your boogieing shoes on and dad dance your way down to Stealth for a more than memorable night.

18 June 2018

Stealth does not have a designated "student night" however it attracts many students as there is always a great atmosphere in there. It has the largest smoking terrace in Nottingham which is great for meeting new people and having drunken deep chats with your friends on the night out. It's also great that its connected to rescue rooms so on Saturdays you've paid for one club entry but are allowed to go into two. There's many different rooms with different music in each one so there's something for everyone!

15 June 2018

I love stealth. Always a good night and friendly staff. Good events on and even on just stealth nights there is good music and the prices are always reasonable. Never a bad night there. Even the people who attend are friendly. Venue is also good and matches the music that is played there with good lighting and just a good atmosphere in general. Easy to get to as in the middle of town.

13 June 2018

Stealth is a great venue which has nights out for everyone. The main acts are based around house/techno such as Mallgrab, Mella dee and dusky. But on a Saturday there are various rooms with RnB and then DJ’s upstairs and also rescue rooms is sometimes linked in which gives a more chilled vibe so there’s something for everyone. Drinks are cheap on a Saturday but for gigs the prices are quite high.

Lara-Ann Smith
11 June 2018

Really great night out, seen some amazing acts over the years. Always a good vibe and friendly people.

10 June 2018

Stealth is a fun club with a good party atmosphere. Free Saturday night guest list is a perk meaning it is the club we choose to go every Saturday night. The queues are never too long for drinks and the bar staff are friendly. When I left my phone at the bar they quickly contacted my friend to let them know it had been found meaning I could collect it that night. The two rooms offer some good music on a Saturday night and stealth often holds popular events which are so much fun. The smoking area serves chicken which is great if you’re feeling a little bit hungry. There is the occasional fight but apart from that stealth is the perfect club!

4 June 2018

I attended stealth mostly twice a week and never got bored! The atmosphere and the people at student nights was amazing and I never felt out of place or uncomfortable. The DJs the stealth get on a weekly basis are world class, and a lot of the time this was for an entry of £5! Unbeatable.

8 May 2018

The only club in Notts with a good range of Djs, excellent sound system, only problem is when it's too busy & hot as it's quite a small venue !

3 May 2018

Stealth is a fantastic venue which always offers a great night out. Whether your interested in getting dirty on the dancefloor or you just fancy a smoke and chat in the smoking area, this club is for you !!!

2 May 2018

Friendly bouncers and bar staff, drinks competitively priced and venue exciting. The bass speakers at stealth are next level and anyone who enjoys the bass/garage scene will fully enjoy this venue, very big smoking area for when you need to take 5 mins and excellent venue.