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19 November 2018

The social life in this accomodation is just perfect especially when all of you come from such diverse backgrounds, ethnically and internafional. Even though bathrooms are shared, due to mutual respect it is never a problem and there is never a wait to shower.

19 November 2018

Facilities- overall good, extra fridge/freezer space may come in handy but I understand there is no space for it. Social Experience- lacks a communal lounge area. Would have to be separate to the buildings but an area for each block would be good. Room- amazing. Very spacious and the view is great. Bed is quite small and there would be enough space to extend it to a normal sized single

19 November 2018

Flats of 14 mean that you have lots of opportunities to make friends. Norfolk terrace is known as the party accommodation. I had the best first year and wouldn't have lived anywhere else!

19 November 2018

The social aspect is great; I live with 13 other people and it's good in that sense because it means there's loads of characters to get to know. But the state of the accommodation is pretty crappy. The walls in my room are peeling with paint; the thin carpets in rooms are stained; there's virtually no storage in the room bar a few drawers under the bed, and there are pipes in the wardrobe which make a ton of noise every time someone turns on the water in their rooms for even a second. The walls are also pretty thin so when people are partying in the kitchen or in their rooms you can hear it even when you're far away. The bathrooms are actually good - the showers have really good pressure and the floors are raised so it doesn't leak everywhere which I know is a problem in other people's accommodation on campus. The kitchen is pretty small bearing in mind there's 14 people sharing it; the table and benches can just about seat 8. There's no communal social area. The location is very central so I love it. The WiFi is appallingly weak.

19 November 2018

I stayed in Norfolk Terrace during my first year and I had a really great experience. The location is great because it is only 5 minutes from the library and main campus facilities such as the SU shop. Also I loved how it is close to the lake and the view from the rooms is amazing. For me the layout of the flat is really great. I like how there are corridors and then the communal kitchen. The bathroom facilities were also great and I never was not able to have a shower. I had a great social experience in Norfolk Terrace. My room was a great size however the beds are really small but that is understandable due to the price you pay. I think it is great value for money.

18 June 2018

Very central and close to everything and also the most sociable of all the halls as it is 14 to one flat so it’s easy to make friends as a fresher! I had an amazing time there and the view overlooking the lake is incredible. It’s also one of the cheapest accommodations especially if you get a shared room which is why I went there. Only downside is cleanliness and the fact there isn’t much kitchen space or bathrooms considering there’s 14 of you.

17 June 2018

In Norfolk Terrace, you get the bare minimum in terms of what is in your room. This meant everyone constantly socialised, taking advantage of the buildings divine location; sitting on the broad outside, going for walks round the lake which can be seen from the windows, having parties and BBQ’s. Although there aren’t any built up areas specifically for Norfolk Terrace, everyone socialised outside on the grass, in each others kitchens or the campus coffee shops/bar which are less than a five minute walk. In these halls I made friends for life, and had the most fun, exciting and carefree 9 months I have ever experienced. Living in these halls positively impacted me in a way which I never thought possible, and I know that the friends I have made feel the same way.

4 May 2018

Positives: Norfolk Terrace is the place to be if you love chaos, partying and being social. Living in a flat with up to 14 people can be hard work but if you like meeting new people it offers the opportunity to make lots of friends. It is in a great location, with amazing views of the lake and field from the windows, and exiting straight outside the science/biology building. It's incredibly close to the Sainsbury's Centre for the Visual Arts, which has a really nice cafe you can sit and do work in. Furthermore, the flat has three toilets and two showers and we've never had a problem with sharing and no one ever has to wait. The kitchen has windows completely covering two walls so there are nice views while you're cooking and cleaning. The bedrooms might look small, but they're actually the biggest on campus and they have plenty of draws and wardrobe space. If you get a newer mattress as well the beds are pretty comfy. The desk is big and is facing the window so there are nice views while you're studying. Negatives: The windows don't open very far (unless you're on the bottom floor) to stop people climbing onto the roof. The windows are also a problem when it gets sunny as it gets incredibly hot - it's like living in a greenhouse, which is a bonus in winter but horrible in the summer. Norfolk Terrace is very noisy, there is almost always something going on so if you have an early morning lecture or an important exam then next day it can be hard to get to sleep if noise bothers you. The kitchen will constantly be a mess and is definitely too small, especially if you live in a larger flat with 14 people. You get about half a shelf in the fridge and less than half a freezer draw (there are only two fridges). The cupboard you get to store your stuff in the kitchen is tiny and most people end up keeping a lot of their stuff in their room. Moreover, it will constantly be a mess - it is a tiny kitchen shared by 14 people, barely anyone does their washing up. Finally, you have to remember to shut your curtains as, especially on the lower floors, people can see in.

29 April 2018

Absolutely loved my time in the ‘zigs’. You meet so many people and have such a laugh. One of the best years of my life to date - UEA MASSIVE

25 April 2018

Living in Halls is a great experience, especially in the Zigs at UEA. It's a great social environment, there's always someone to talk to and as long as you can put up with a bit of a messy kitchen you'll be well away!

10 April 2018

Norfolk Terrace overlooks the fields and the famous UEA lake allowing to watch the huge number of students that come out as soon as there is some blue sky. It is one of the most social halls of residence making the start of university a lot easier. Although bathrooms are shared, there is never a problem to have a shower or use the toilets as everyone has different time schedules. The rooms are spacious and have an amazing view out of the large windows making studying at the huge desk infront of the window less painful. The beds are very narrow, making it impossible to share the bed with a visitor (which of course should never happen!!). The kitchen is practical although not very comfortable and therefore an additional social area would be nice. I enjoyed my stay in Norfolk terrace and would 100% recommend this accommodation to any applicants as the price is very affordable, the rooms are nice, it has the best view and the shared bathrooms turned out to be no problem at all.

8 April 2018

Rooms are really big best value in terms of size. Showers are really good hot and powerful and cleaned regularly don't really notice your sharing. Kitchen is ok not great for socialising though as table is too small for everyone and really uncomfortable to sit at.

28 March 2018

The social environment is honestly a once in a lifetime experience. I loved how in good weather everyone sits on the broads and I knew everyone in my block.

5 March 2018

If you love parties, then Norfolk Terrace is your choice. However its noisy, in which noises from parties in other blocks would cause nuisance to you in your room with all windows closed.

1 March 2018

A s***hole but we love it, sharing bathrooms isn't as bad as everyone thinks, great view of the broad, annoying that the laundry room is locked, very cheap

31 December 2017

Absolutely loved living in Norfolk terrace, probably the only time in my life I'm going to get to live in a grade 2 building. The lack of ventilation and crappy showers were the building blocks of some life long friendships. The subtle beauty of the indestructible kitchen was highlighted most during a game of kitchen rugby, whereby only the light fixture was affected. But from that, I can say that we were blessed with the most incredible maintainance man who, when he wasn't bombing it down at 35mph to the lake in his buggy, he'd come and enjoy some culinary delicacies we had prepared for lunch. Would 10/10 recommend

Charlotte Sarsby
11 October 2017

These were the most social halls on campus and I made so many friends for life here. The location and views from the rooms and kitchen here are incredible. The rooms are big with a massive desk too, but the beds are very small!