24th in Nightlife
4th in Newcastle

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19 June 2018

Huge club, great sound system with 5 rooms of music. Would highly recommend. Monday’s are the cheapest but it can be pricey drinks on a weekend.

14 June 2018

Definitely one to try out if you're a student, amazing nights out (Monday definitely recommended) each room has a different music genre, so it should suit anyone. Extremely cheap, never had a bad night out here. It's always very busy you're guaranteed a good night out here.

13 June 2018

Staff friendly and good music, always seem good to students and it seems full of people from universities.

7 June 2018

Super student friendly club in the heart of the city centre. Has four rooms of very different music so everyone is happy and you can drift between them all. Great for £2 on a monday night after 11pm, can get quite busy but usually a great night out.

3 May 2018

Great place, various rooms to go in if I get bored of one particular room - cheap drinks especially on Digi Mondays. Deffo worth your money as it's cheap and fun!!

29 April 2018

Love Digital Monday! Good music. Great staff . Great environment. Best club in town so far. It’s also pretty lit on Saturdays. Location is perfect because there is a walkable supper place nearby after a night out.

28 April 2018

Definitely the Best value night club in Newcastle on Monday’s. Always a good night. Multiple rooms for all music tastes.

26 April 2018

The venue is large with a variety of floors playing different genres of music. Digi Mondays are the best event of the week. Drinks are reasonable. Layout used to be better before they changed it

24 April 2018

On Mondays it is very cramped and hot during school terms but during weekend with events sometimes on a Friday, it is so cheap and brilliant with seperate floors with music to fit wvery taste of every individual

19 April 2018

Fantastic atmosphere, absolutely packed which is great if you like busy nights, however gets very hot. Drinks are expensive unless you go on a Monday, but Monday’s are the best nights to go anyway.

17 April 2018

Fun, cheap and plenty of choice for music. Entry is only 80p on a monday and drinks are £1 until midnight. Only thing is music can get a bit repetitive but there's plenty of choice.

17 April 2018

The music is great, if there is an event on. Monday student nights have terrible repeated overplayed music. Any time tickets are sold the venue oversell and this results in not being able to move inside the club. It is far too hot also, I chose to review this club because it is one of the biggest in Newcastle but it has so much wrong with it. However, when a well known DJ is playing it can be the best club in Newcastle.

10 April 2018

This is very good for value and worth every minute i go atleast once a month and have never had a dull moment in the place

8 April 2018

Such a good club , lovely staff and amazing atmosphere, good money value on a Monday £1 drinks on a Monday before midnight cannot go wrong with that

7 April 2018

Has a great sound system and is always full of students on a Monday! The music is mixed with there being 4 rooms, so a bit of everything!

7 April 2018

I’ve seen some of the best dj’s at this venue! Has an amazing sound system and it’s always full of students on a Monday. The music is mixed with there being 4 rooms so a bit of everything!

30 March 2018

The music is great and the atmosphere is really awesome. You can have fun and dance and everyone around you has fun too therefore its a great place. Its not expensive either therefore its great for students who dont usually have much money to spend on many drinks.

29 March 2018

Digi is an amazing club with an unrivalled atmosphere, plenty of varieties through the different rooms which means everyone can enjoy.

29 March 2018

My favorite nightclub in Newcastle, over 5 different rooms with different types of music to a point you get lost in the club. There's lots to do so you're never bored on a night out.

26 March 2018

I really like the venue I think it is spatias and the atmosphere can be very good. However, the drinks are very expensive, a bottle of water can cost you £3.50 at events. The music is good on a Monday however on a Saturday it can be boring and not my favourite place to go. Another issue with digital is that it is far too hot, it is the sweatiest place I’ve ever been.

23 March 2018

Digital is great for students especially on Monday when it is student night and you can get early entry for 80p. The drinks are a bit pricey but it's the same anywhere in Newcastle. The venue is a huge 2 storey building but it can get very crowded on event nights.

20 March 2018

Great drinks, for really great prices, especially on digi mondays, with extra cheap entry. The music is amazing, with something for everyone, which isnt always easy to find, if you’ve got a group of people with different music tastes!

19 March 2018

Digital holds very good students nights which are very reasonably priced. Would highly recommended to anyone looking for a good night out.

14 March 2018

Loud, very very loud and always full of people starting fights, but the rock/alt room is pretty good.