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20 March 2018

Great drinks, for really great prices, especially on digi mondays, with extra cheap entry. The music is amazing, with something for everyone, which isnt always easy to find, if you’ve got a group of people with different music tastes!

13 March 2018

The best club I’ve ever been to, everytime I go it’s amazing. It’s also 80p entry before 11 so you can always afford it, aswell as this they have £1 drinks and £1.50 jäger bombs can’t beat that.

11 March 2018

Digi Mondays are one of the best nights out. 4 rooms, fulfilling everyone's needs. You've got rnb room, house/dance room, goth room and you've got the classics. Cheap drinks 🔥 K2s for £2. Bargain.

8 March 2018

Digital is famous for its mondays and so it should be! Really good and cheap night and futurelove on a Saturday is also really good

3 March 2018

Digital is the best nightclub in Newcastle by far! They have 2 main events, one on a Saturday called future love and on a Monday called Digi Mondays. The superclub has a 2000 capacity all pretty much full every Saturday!!

28 February 2018

Great on Mondays! Three floors with different rooms and styles of music! £6 entry though which is sad

28 February 2018

The venue was a little bit messy, however the atmosphere was very positive. It is fairy friendly towards students and the music was very enjoyable.

21 February 2018

really good club with incredible events on every night and some amazing djs go too, some amazing offers for students to

21 February 2018

Very good atmosphere, best dj are on every week and host an incredible night with amazing sounds quality speakers, great student offers

14 February 2018

Absolutely unreal, large venue with music for everyone. Staff are friendly and drinks are pretty cheap.

12 February 2018

Good variety of spaces, it can get very full

11 February 2018

Incredible night out, digital Monday’s by far the best night in the town. Cheap entry with cheap drinks.

9 February 2018

Amazing club and loads of space and different rooms! One of the best nights I’ve been on the bar staff are really nice as long with the security guards, also the drinks are not to pricey.

8 February 2018

Digi is the best club in the north east and makes every monday 20× better. K2's ar3 cheap and has 3 floors for different music tastes.

3 February 2018

Generally a great club. Prices are very good, loads of different choices for music, if one room doesn't take your fancy then you can try a different one. Gets unbelievably packed on a Monday though, which makes it pretty much impossible to get a drink between the hours of 11-1:30

1 February 2018

Best club I've ever been to. Amazing atmosphere with many different rooms playing different music so you can't get bored. 80p entry on a Monday is insane, especially for students.

1 February 2018

Amazing place for students with an incredible party atmosphere. lots of rooms so you don't get bored of the same music. Best club I've ever been to.

30 January 2018

Standard place to go on either a Monday or a Saturday and easily one of the best nights you’ll have out, especially on a Monday as everyone goes there, can’t go wrong with £1 drinks

29 January 2018

Love the place, it has such a good atmosphere!!! It great how there is different rooms playing different music!!

27 January 2018

Four floors of jam packed rooms consistently playing the best music. Close to takeaway, other clubs and home

26 January 2018

This venue is well sick good atmosphere and good music, definitely would recommend this venue l, it’s well good

24 January 2018

Great atmosphere and great events always packed never dead, good music ranging from house to charts. Typical entry fee of 5 to 8 pound depending on time and event.

16 November 2017

Love Digi Mondays they're the best night of the week by far! It's great for saving money with 80p entry and the atmosphere is great too. I love the different floors with different types of music which gives you some variety on your night out. It's also really close to some good takeaways for some pretty decent scran for when you've left Digi.