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4 January 2019

The DJ set was amazing when I was there, cocktails were fairly good and overall experience was amazing.

4 January 2019

Great atmosphere and themes every week, drinks could be a bit cheaper especially on nights where there's a guest DJ, toilets are actually decent and bar staff are very friendly, also different floors depending on your music taste

4 January 2019

Very good club with a good amount of space. Hosts some of the best DJs and it makes for an overall great atmosphere.

4 January 2019

Yeah interesting place. I was just walking by and saw it as an opportunity to take a shit I'd been holding in. I paid £10 entry, just to have a shit in a cubicle that security check under anyways. Nightmare, nice shitter though

4 January 2019

Really good venue with an amazing sound system. Great atmosphere for such a wide variety of events. Would definitely recommend to anyone interested in places like Digital.

4 January 2019

Amazing venue, amazing event, sometimes very busy but I guess that just shows how good it is. Well priced, good music.

4 January 2019

Unreal on a Monday night. £1 entry before 11:30pm. Can't beat it. Right next to loads of takeaways and is honestly perfect for whatever type of music you're into.

4 January 2019

Massive club, caters for many different genres of music, cheap drinks and entry, an all round good club to go too.

4 January 2019

We love digi Monday's!! Super cheap entrance and it's even cheaper with guestlist entry! Each floor is a different vibe so it's suitable for literally everyone!!!!

13 August 2018

Amazing atmosphere in here ! Different floors for different music is such a good idea and the sound and light system is so trippy ! Bit pricey to get in but cheap drinks oi oi!

7 July 2018

Great variety of music, with the large venue ranging over 3 different floors, meaning there's a genre for everyone. cheap drinks, great for a minimal student budget- making for a great night out in Newcastle (especially on the Monday student night).

5 July 2018

Very friendly atmosphere with lots of variety of music. Cheap drinks and an overall brilliant night. Came here on plenty of occasions and have never been disappointed with the night out.

1 July 2018

the atmosphere at digital is absolutely amazing everyone is super friendly the music is also a big plus they have a wide range of music for all of the genres its only 7 pound to get in and the drinks are cheap they have different popular djs every saturday

26 June 2018

Great venue, but only really worth visiting on Monday nights (Digi Mondays). A bit of a walk from the rest of the clubs but worth it.

19 June 2018

Huge club, great sound system with 5 rooms of music. Would highly recommend. Monday’s are the cheapest but it can be pricey drinks on a weekend.

14 June 2018

Definitely one to try out if you're a student, amazing nights out (Monday definitely recommended) each room has a different music genre, so it should suit anyone. Extremely cheap, never had a bad night out here. It's always very busy you're guaranteed a good night out here.

3 May 2018

Great place, various rooms to go in if I get bored of one particular room - cheap drinks especially on Digi Mondays. Deffo worth your money as it's cheap and fun!!

29 April 2018

Love Digital Monday! Good music. Great staff . Great environment. Best club in town so far. It’s also pretty lit on Saturdays. Location is perfect because there is a walkable supper place nearby after a night out.

28 April 2018

Definitely the Best value night club in Newcastle on Monday’s. Always a good night. Multiple rooms for all music tastes.

19 April 2018

Fantastic atmosphere, absolutely packed which is great if you like busy nights, however gets very hot. Drinks are expensive unless you go on a Monday, but Monday’s are the best nights to go anyway.

10 April 2018

This is very good for value and worth every minute i go atleast once a month and have never had a dull moment in the place

8 April 2018

Such a good club , lovely staff and amazing atmosphere, good money value on a Monday £1 drinks on a Monday before midnight cannot go wrong with that

30 March 2018

The music is great and the atmosphere is really awesome. You can have fun and dance and everyone around you has fun too therefore its a great place. Its not expensive either therefore its great for students who dont usually have much money to spend on many drinks.

29 March 2018

Digi is an amazing club with an unrivalled atmosphere, plenty of varieties through the different rooms which means everyone can enjoy.