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4 January 2019

This club attracts top world class DJs st a fair ticket price. The atmosphere is great however the floor is rather small and for big events can be quite cramped. Despite this the events are well worth it however the drinks prices are not student friendly at all, some nights have good prices however when it's later in the night or when an event is on they are very expensive. The music is relevant and what students want to hear as well as the location being fairly central. Overall Digital is a great place for an event however for a standard night out there are many other places that you will have a better and cheaper night out at.

4 January 2019

The venue it's self is amazing, three different rooms and 2 smoking areas. Sound and lights are unbelievable especially when DJs come for events. Bouncers however can be a little tough so be on your best behaviour

4 January 2019

Entry was 80p before 11pm which was good. Have different rooms to suit individual tastes in music. Mainly students who go there so atmosphere is friendly.

4 January 2019

Good music, great atmosphere, cheap entry, good choice of music as well in the different rooms but still quite expensive prices

4 January 2019

Good during the week especially good for digi Mondays for freshers - bit pricey on Saturday and full of locals but always a good time - pop music and they play a few more genres upstairs and in different rooms, also the biggest club in ncl

4 January 2019

Great atmosphere and light shows. The best club for events in Newcastle although sometimes events may be oversold and the club can be very full and very hot. Drinks are overpriced, apart from on Mondays. All in all I would recommend.

4 January 2019

Digital is one of the most famous night club in whole United Kingdom. There are 5 rooms for different kinds of music and vibe. I can say go digi on a Monday!

13 July 2018

Good range of music. Cheap drinks and entry on digi Monday. Good laugh. Lots of young people. Good value for money. Best Monday night club.

7 July 2018

Genuinely one of the best nightclubs I've been to. Multiple floors with a good array of music, and a nice big smoking area.

7 June 2018

Super student friendly club in the heart of the city centre. Has four rooms of very different music so everyone is happy and you can drift between them all. Great for £2 on a monday night after 11pm, can get quite busy but usually a great night out.

26 April 2018

The venue is large with a variety of floors playing different genres of music. Digi Mondays are the best event of the week. Drinks are reasonable. Layout used to be better before they changed it

24 April 2018

On Mondays it is very cramped and hot during school terms but during weekend with events sometimes on a Friday, it is so cheap and brilliant with seperate floors with music to fit wvery taste of every individual

17 April 2018

Fun, cheap and plenty of choice for music. Entry is only 80p on a monday and drinks are £1 until midnight. Only thing is music can get a bit repetitive but there's plenty of choice.

29 March 2018

My favorite nightclub in Newcastle, over 5 different rooms with different types of music to a point you get lost in the club. There's lots to do so you're never bored on a night out.

23 March 2018

Digital is great for students especially on Monday when it is student night and you can get early entry for 80p. The drinks are a bit pricey but it's the same anywhere in Newcastle. The venue is a huge 2 storey building but it can get very crowded on event nights.

19 March 2018

Digital holds very good students nights which are very reasonably priced. Would highly recommended to anyone looking for a good night out.

13 March 2018

Good range of music in many rooms. Cheap drink prices. Two good smoking areas. Lots of space large toilets and a stage to dance on.

5 March 2018

Love digital, so good for events, the venue is always set up perfectly and looks sick! Digi Monday’s are also a classic but drinks can be quite expensive :( It can also get a bit hot especially on the top floor but it’s an awesome love it a lot!!

1 March 2018

The nightlife in newcastle is unreal! Partying on a weekend and at digi mondays during the week to! Cheap drinks lots of women keeping us going till the 3am close, its great.

17 February 2018

Classic night out in newcastle at digi. Digi mondays offers the perfect experience for a club classics boogier. Events there are class due to their excellent sound system, and its big enough to fit everyone you've ever met in your life, so good times had by all.

14 February 2018

Digit Monday’s is one of the best things to do when your skint and still want to sesh, the venue has a really welcoming vibe and to help that the staff are great! If your looking to book a table, no problem that can be done with ease and at a very cheap price.

11 February 2018

A venue that's always filled with people with enjoyment of all forms of music. Be prepared for a wicked sound system at one of the UK's best clubs

3 February 2018

Monday nights - great music cheap busy Saturday - too expensive and quite dead Haven’t been any other nights as it’s not talked about other than Monday or Saturdays

29 January 2018

Great music and atmosphere, although a little overpacked on Mondays. Drinks can be quite expensive, but it's overall good value for money. The bouncers are a little rude sometimes, but nothing too serious.