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Let’s be real, Middlesbrough’s not the nicest of towns; lots of drugs, very little money. But she has her charms. Creeps is by far the best night out in town - every thursday in the medicine bar conveniently just across the road from McDonalds. There’s a pretty decent array of shops in town and occasionally a band will come play here (shoutout to take that). Obviously there’s the football wich everyone loves, there’s teeside park nearby with a lot to do. And honestly the moors are like 20 minuets away so if you’re after some fresh air it’s actually pretty close. Middlesbrough has a lot to do, she’ll keep you entertained and the nights out are a laugh. If you’re looking for somewhere on the cheaper side but still has charm and isn’t a complete shithole - Middlesbrough’s your gal.


Middlesbrough is a busy town, almost the size of a city, as a student there is a lot to do. Around teesside university there are a lot of nights out, including bars, nightclubs and restaurants, it isn't even that far of a walk to the cinema. Everywhere has student discounts so it is worth the trip out. Food is a little lacking, there isn't a lot of variety, though there is a few amazing places hidden out of the way, including UMI - a japanese restaurant and Mohujos - a burrito bar. In lack of variety, the places available make up for in quality and price, most places are cheap enough and high quality. Things to do wise there isn't much you can do apart from cinema, drink, shop and eat, however more and more things are coming to the area and there is a lot to do only a bus or train ride away. Shopping wise there is a lot of variety, consisting of 3 shopping centres within meters of each other, more within a reasonable travel distance, with plenty of shopping places. Value for money wise, it is a good place to live, cheap, cheerful and a good area as long as you know where to go and where to look.

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