Antwerp Mansion

3rd in Nightlife
1st in Manchester

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23 January 2019

A nightclub with fantastic events. It's a shame the hours were changed, meaning it finishes earlier.

23 January 2019

My favourite night out, a rite of passage if you're in Manchester, it's simply unmissable. At Antwerp you are guaranteed an unforgettable night

23 January 2019

Hidden is what first comes to mind when I think about Manchester nightlife. It sets the scene for new arriving freshers and continues to satisfy and excite 2nd and 3rd Years. Not only the artists booked, but the nights in general created an amazing vibe and I can honestly say I am sad Antwerp's licence has changed and therefore we have lost Antwerp as a gurenteed good night out.

9 August 2018

Made my experience very good in Manchester, very good! Loved it the music venue and people and atmosphere was amazing at an amazing point in my life.

6 July 2018

The atmosphere is great, different events on every week. It is located roughly about 20 minutes away from Manchester met student halls which make it very easy to get to.

28 June 2018

Bring it back yalllllll I miss it so much, Manchester’s night life is not the same without it. Everything else is awful

28 June 2018

Such a cool, unique venue and a massive shame it closed. Very friendly atmosphere and people, hardly ever a bad night out there.

28 June 2018

Was one of the best clubs in Manchester, shame that it had to shut down and there will never be a sub for it... bit on the expensive side though

28 June 2018

I believe that Antwerp Mansion is the best club in manchester for students, as it’s prodominantly filled with students, whom of which are all friendly and welcoming. It is a shame it was shut down

27 June 2018

A great atmosphere where students can forget about their studies and enjoy cheap drinks, in particular red stripe. Music varies widely, so nights are on for every musical preference, and most are well priced. Location is perfect as can be accessed easily by walking or bus from fallowfield.

Brett Gibbs
22 June 2018

Hands down the best nightclub experience going, it’s a very dirty gaff but that’s part of what made antwerp so amazing to go to, the feeling of just being free to do what ever surrounded by your best pals, getting as messy as Antwerp looked and just having a top class time, miss you antwerp.

4 May 2018

Antwerp mansion is a one of a kind venue, before coming to uni I had never seen anything like it and definitely don’t think I’ll see anything like it again. It’s such a cool venue however definitely is not for everyone. If you’re ideal night out is getting dressed up and going to a nice club Antwerp mansion is not for you. It’s a dirty abandoned house covered in graffiti but the perfect location to enjoy the music. There’s a range of events with music such as house, dnb, jungle, techno etc and events are usually good for money.

2 May 2018

Antwerp mansion is a great venue for events and nights. It is more than just a club and the only thing I didn't like were the toilets (dirty and rarely any toilet paper and doors don't lock properly pretty sure some stalls didn't even have a door). Drinks are always affordable, as long as you go along to a night with music that you're into, you can't go wrong. Atmosphere always great, full of students/young people up for a great night that doesn't involve the tigertiger dwellers/screeching women in heels and painfully stereotypical lads that u encounter in town. A great alternative venue where the vibes are always great.

29 April 2018

Great venue sad to see it close after such a long period of time. Big up jibber jabber and my names jeff.

22 April 2018

The best nightclub in Manchester. Went there every week and is so close to Fallowfield where a lot of students live.

22 April 2018

A backstreet run down mansion on the lively curry mile, graffiti covering the walls gives it its run down vibes along with the various half broken sofas in the muddy smoking area (always wear shoes you don’t mind being ruined). The music is always great, the people are always friendly and there is never a bad night in antwerp. The bar staff are nice and the drinks inside aren’t too expensive. If you live in fallowfield it’s the perfect night out being only a 5 minute walk away (stay in a group though don’t walk around by yourself). There is music for everyone, drum and bass, techno, 90’s banger, rnb nights, it’s hard to fault (apart from the toilets, trips here should be minimal)

19 April 2018

Honestly event though this club is no longer running it was my favourite. The building was very dirty and looked like it was falling down but the atmosphere and music was incredible, some of my best nights out have been here. Also was very close to uni accommodation.

17 April 2018

Antwerp Mansion is the home of every 1st, from its muddy, pissy outside to a decor of graphity and vomit on the inside Antwerp is as edgy as you get! You only go to Antwerp for some nasty baseline, jungle or dnb and u go to have a party. The bouncers are strict, sometimes chucking you out but generally the staff are rly nice. The toilets are gross and most of them don’t have doors or loo roll but that’s just part of the Mansion experience.

Jamila Woodley
11 April 2018

Antwerp mansion is a unique venue filled with good vibes and music. Although the building is run down it has a certain novelty about it and you can’t forget the disco price for tickets.

9 April 2018

Amazing atmosphere all different types of music! Brilliant night out going to miss it. Everyone I know loves it

8 April 2018

Decent night if you’re pissed but is a really grimey place but that’s what makes it. Would suggest going there later rather than earlier

8 April 2018

The venue is unique which makes the experience different from other clubs. It is dirty but in a good way and the music they put on is usually very good with good sound quality. I went there a lot more in first year and I feel like it went downhill slightly in second year after they shut the upstairs

6 April 2018

I love antwerp but it is disgusting. Maybe that’s part of its whole image but you walk in and there’s mud everywhere, the toilets are flooded, there’s no toilet seats, sometimes no doors. The actual building is cool though it has a lot of graffiti and stuff making it all grunge and Halloween like.

6 April 2018

This was one of Manchester’s best, it has since been given a for closure notice by the council. It’s in an awkward but fairly easily accessed location just off the curry mike close to east didsbury metrolink. The venue is hot sweaty dirty and falling down, but at the same time its where the best night outs are had