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22 April 2018

The location is very good, Fallowfield is the most popular place to live. However the halls are outdated, there were mice and the place looked tired. Overall the food is okay, I would recommend to someone else, just for the social aspect.

21 April 2018

Location in Fallowfield, good because there are bars close buy, a big sainsburys and it’s where all the other students are. Getting the bus every morning is a bit long though. Rooms were an average size, mattress was comfy. I had a sink and was lucky with the placement of my room so it wasn’t very noisy. Kitchen facilities are good. Regular cleaning.

17 April 2018

Sink in all the rooms which is useful. Big rooms, with desk and lots of wardrobe space. Catered food is warm and edible but so much easier than having to decide to cook. Flats all have basic kitchens. Social life is very lively, someone always about and up for a party. Very fun after a night out, someone always having a party. Location is great, right in the heart of the Fallowfield campus, a short bus from uni and plenty of shops and other students in the suburb. All like-minded friendly people live there and there is a local pub just 2 min away. The accommodation is iconic and a wicked place to live! It may be a bit gross with food in lifts but perfect location for a first year student looking to have fun

16 April 2018

I like the food, it's quite healthy, a fair amount of choice and they always give you plenty of it. It's quite loud, if you're the kind of person who doesn't like staying up late and partying, then I'd recommend looking elsewhere. Don't panic if you get placed here though, I'm a quiet person who doesn't like staying up late all the time, and I found it bearable. Expect flatmates to be messy; I've found people can be remarkably inconsiderate, with regards to eating your food, using your kitchen stuff and then leaving it dirty, the state they leave the bathroom in etc. I think this is common to most halls though, and is probably something you'll have to get used to. I guess it depends on the luck of the draw with regards to your flatmates too. Also BUY A STAGECOACH BUS PASS not a FirstBus one, biggest mistake I ever made.

14 April 2018

I made great friends in halls even though the accommodation was completely terrible in itself with every disaster from no hot water to a single bathroom for 12 girls I guess it just brought us all closer!

10 April 2018

I absolutely loved Owens Park! I was in tree court, which is one of 4 university accommodations within Owens Park. There was a floor of girls that I was on, so I got to interact with 21 other people from the offset, and above us was another floor of boys so we weren’t segregated in that sense. My room was a good size and although I didn’t have an ensuite it really didn’t matter and it just meant more mingling (the same with the food being catered) !!! The social life in Owens Park is insane and there’s always something going on. I got to meet the most amazing people and as there was so many of us, it meant friendship groups formed but everyone was still really close anyway. I ended up living in a 9 bed house the next year with people I met in tree court, with another 9 living next door! Owens Park was absolutely my favourite memory of uni.

10 April 2018

Great people and atmosphere but slightly prison like feel. Glad I lived here but a redo of rooms would bring it to a 5

9 April 2018

Rooms are small. Single bed. Food not nice or nutritious. If you like fun people and can survive living in pretty shit rooms, this is the place for you.

3 April 2018

Basically where the party's at all day everyday of the year. People are lovely, much drinking, much music, much funs. Don't come here if you can't deal with fire alarms at any time of the day. Catered halls have ok food, does get a bit repetitive, especially brekkie, but portion sizes are good enough. The rooms themselves are getting a bit old, but a good size. Kitchens get a bit messy especially on the boys' floor and expect to get a fine if the cleaners don't want to deal with it. Very easy to get into uni, buses outside stopping along Oxford road. Overall, nice halls, would recommend if you want to join the party.

21 March 2018

It has a good vibe but needs some improvements, the food is mostly good but the mealtimes could be a bit longer to allow more flexibility. The buses are frequent and fast and has good links all round the city.

16 March 2018

Tiny rooms, bad aesthetics, terrible heating and water management, too many fire alarms, kinda fun for partying tho

16 March 2018

Although not the most beautiful halls, they are definitely the most fun. They are in a good location with lots of things around them.

7 March 2018

Easy way to make friends. Absolute party place, you’ll never feel left out. Even when you need to stay in and chill.

2 March 2018

Location is pretty far from campus, although the bus stop is right across which is nice. The only slight complaint I’d have is how dirty the kitchen and bathroom get, but that’s more the students that anything else

27 February 2018

Lived in a flat of 48 people so there's always a good mix. It was falling apart and stuff but that didn't away from how social/fun it was.

26 January 2018

The accommodation itself wasn't very good, with problems happening most of the year. We had water problems, at one point we didn't have hot water for 4 days, and we were without heating for several weeks. The location was prime for student life and the social life was very good in the halls. The only problem was the bar outside which was very loud till the early hours which made it hard to sleep, not very good if you had to be up early in the morning.

29 December 2017

If you want to live somewhere quiet, this is not the place for you. People will be very inconsiderate, shouting in the corridors in the early hours of the morning, and the kitchen will be a mess no matter what you do. I've found it bearable overall though, the food is very good, and the computer cluster is convenient. Also if you're getting a bus pass, don't be tempted to get a First one, even if they send you an email offering you a discount. Get the Stagecoach one, they're so much more frequent, they never go on strike, and Stagecoach have loads more routes around the south of Manchester. Honestly if there's one thing I wish I'd known before moving it'd probably be that.

28 December 2017

Social aspect is good, facilities are a bit outdated and sometimes is too noisy. It is in a good location for several food places and is on the good bus routes to get easily to Piccadilly.

28 December 2017

Good social experience as 48 people per ‘flat’, so everyone has a chance to make friends and find someone they get on well with. Good catered food, variety of choice. Good sized room, plenty of space and storage.

28 December 2017

Owens Park is the best student halls available at the University of Manchester if you like going out all the time and aren't so bothered what your first year result will be. They are often noisy on week nights and the rooms look like they haven't been renovated since the 60's. That said, the rooms are much bigger than the other student halls and because the individual flats are all linked together you will meet more people. Definitely recommend, you can still get work done in the library when you need to, they're not noisy all the time, and you will have the best social life living in them and its only first year :).

28 December 2017

Liked being in fallowfield but the state of the halls were pretty bad. The kitchens were very poorly equipped and the bathrooms weren’t pleasant. I did have a great time though and I liked being in a block and not a flag

28 December 2017

Nice food, accommodation was cleaned regularly and everyone that worked there was nice, good support and our flat tutor was really nice too

30 November 2017

Good if you just want to be able to meet a large number of people who are up for a night out. Really dirty all the time, common room is not livable so everyone is always in their own rooms. Food and utensils get stolen from the kitchen regularly. Bedrooms are bigger than oak house and plenty of storage space in the cupboard. Having a sink in the room was handy for late night chunders when you can't make it to the toilets xx