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18 November 2018

So much fun and so social, great place to make lots of friends. Good sized rooms and comfortable. Amazing place to live in First Year.

6 July 2018

Owens park is the best accommodation for a social experience and fallowfield is the perfect social hub. The catered food is great and sociable. As these halls are set out in blocks rather than flats, you aren’t limited to only 6 people. You get used to sharing a bathroom really quickly too.

1 July 2018

Located in fallowfield, Owens park is by far the liveliest university hall in Manchester. Only a 15 minutes bus ride from Uni, with bus stops located directly outside the main entrance.

25 June 2018

Location is excellent, Fallowfield is where u want to be, it’s the student hub, 15 min bus ride from uni, could walk to uni in 30 mins. The rooms are bigger than other halls, and the layout is very socialable. Owens park is catered, the food is alright, and I feel it’s much more socilabale to sit around a table and eat dinner with people then cooking, which is generally done individually.

17 April 2018

Sink in all the rooms which is useful. Big rooms, with desk and lots of wardrobe space. Catered food is warm and edible but so much easier than having to decide to cook. Flats all have basic kitchens. Social life is very lively, someone always about and up for a party. Very fun after a night out, someone always having a party. Location is great, right in the heart of the Fallowfield campus, a short bus from uni and plenty of shops and other students in the suburb. All like-minded friendly people live there and there is a local pub just 2 min away. The accommodation is iconic and a wicked place to live! It may be a bit gross with food in lifts but perfect location for a first year student looking to have fun

10 April 2018

I absolutely loved Owens Park! I was in tree court, which is one of 4 university accommodations within Owens Park. There was a floor of girls that I was on, so I got to interact with 21 other people from the offset, and above us was another floor of boys so we weren’t segregated in that sense. My room was a good size and although I didn’t have an ensuite it really didn’t matter and it just meant more mingling (the same with the food being catered) !!! The social life in Owens Park is insane and there’s always something going on. I got to meet the most amazing people and as there was so many of us, it meant friendship groups formed but everyone was still really close anyway. I ended up living in a 9 bed house the next year with people I met in tree court, with another 9 living next door! Owens Park was absolutely my favourite memory of uni.

28 December 2017

Nice food, accommodation was cleaned regularly and everyone that worked there was nice, good support and our flat tutor was really nice too