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18 November 2018

Great location near campus, however nearby social hubs like 'Font' have closed which is very sad and many will lose out. Bathroom facilities are old but they are cleaned and useable, kitchen facilities are new and cleaned however larger fridge needed for a flat of 9 people, useful sink in bedroom, bedroom good size and good storage and desk space. Social experience is the best bit which is why I gave 4 stars - the atmosphere was fun and friendly and I LOVED living here.

18 November 2018

Good location as it is right next to the entrance to the main road, and is in the best living area - fallowfield, only ten minutes on the bus from the uni. The facilities are okay, showers are pretty bad because there's literally no space in the cubicles. The social experience is amazing

5 July 2018

I Used to live in Green Court in Owens Park for my first year of university in Manchester. The halls themselfs were rather dingy, not particularly pleasant, old fashioned and extremely expensive for what they were. However it is safe to say that if you are interested in Owens Park it is not the amenities which you are concerned about. Owens park has an exceptional social life which in my opinion makes up for the extremely poor quality of the rooms and halls in general. There is a larger concentration of students here than on any other campus in manchester, so even if you do not like your flatmates, it is not difficult to find someone more your type. this fact is true even If you aren't a social butterfly type.

1 July 2018

It's a great place where you can have a lot of fun and party. Only downside is that it's far from the uni and robbery is high.

22 June 2018

It has a very good atmosphere but it is a bit out dated. Some bits could do with being updated for example the pipes are noisy. The food is quite good. It is near bus stops and lots of shops.

21 June 2018

Rooms are a reasonable size, good quality showers, decent toilets. Rather expensive but catered. Food is rank and kitchen isn't good enough to compensate for the s*** food. However wouldn't of changed my halls for anywhere else, Never a dull moment

16 June 2018

The location and social experience was perfect for a first year at university, full of lively and fun people and places to go. However the actual rooms were a little dismal but overall I highly recommend these halls.

2 May 2018

Good social life. Best value for money, get food for the same price some pay just for an ensuite and the rooms are a decent size. Bathrooms a bit grim but you get used to it.

2 May 2018

Good location, always something happening, never boring, great transport links, everything you need is within walking distance, however facilities inside Owens park are not the best. Lifts never work, fire alarms every 2 minutes, but friendly and helpful staff

30 April 2018

The food isn’t great considering what we pay, and some of the rooms are a little bit scruffy but the social side of things makes up for it all. Wouldn’t want to be in any other halls in Manchester, rooms are so big and big windows and having a sink is a bonus too. It’s also not too far from the uni campus by bus.

30 April 2018

Tree court is a really fun lively halls, the food isn't bad but it is like a canteen dinner. The reslife are quite strict tho in comparison to oak house.

16 April 2018

I like the food, it's quite healthy, a fair amount of choice and they always give you plenty of it. It's quite loud, if you're the kind of person who doesn't like staying up late and partying, then I'd recommend looking elsewhere. Don't panic if you get placed here though, I'm a quiet person who doesn't like staying up late all the time, and I found it bearable. Expect flatmates to be messy; I've found people can be remarkably inconsiderate, with regards to eating your food, using your kitchen stuff and then leaving it dirty, the state they leave the bathroom in etc. I think this is common to most halls though, and is probably something you'll have to get used to. I guess it depends on the luck of the draw with regards to your flatmates too. Also BUY A STAGECOACH BUS PASS not a FirstBus one, biggest mistake I ever made.

10 April 2018

Great people and atmosphere but slightly prison like feel. Glad I lived here but a redo of rooms would bring it to a 5

9 April 2018

Rooms are small. Single bed. Food not nice or nutritious. If you like fun people and can survive living in pretty shit rooms, this is the place for you.

3 April 2018

Basically where the party's at all day everyday of the year. People are lovely, much drinking, much music, much funs. Don't come here if you can't deal with fire alarms at any time of the day. Catered halls have ok food, does get a bit repetitive, especially brekkie, but portion sizes are good enough. The rooms themselves are getting a bit old, but a good size. Kitchens get a bit messy especially on the boys' floor and expect to get a fine if the cleaners don't want to deal with it. Very easy to get into uni, buses outside stopping along Oxford road. Overall, nice halls, would recommend if you want to join the party.

16 March 2018

Although not the most beautiful halls, they are definitely the most fun. They are in a good location with lots of things around them.

7 March 2018

Easy way to make friends. Absolute party place, you’ll never feel left out. Even when you need to stay in and chill.

2 March 2018

Location is pretty far from campus, although the bus stop is right across which is nice. The only slight complaint I’d have is how dirty the kitchen and bathroom get, but that’s more the students that anything else

27 February 2018

Lived in a flat of 48 people so there's always a good mix. It was falling apart and stuff but that didn't away from how social/fun it was.

28 December 2017

Social aspect is good, facilities are a bit outdated and sometimes is too noisy. It is in a good location for several food places and is on the good bus routes to get easily to Piccadilly.

28 December 2017

Good social experience as 48 people per ‘flat’, so everyone has a chance to make friends and find someone they get on well with. Good catered food, variety of choice. Good sized room, plenty of space and storage.

28 December 2017

Owens Park is the best student halls available at the University of Manchester if you like going out all the time and aren't so bothered what your first year result will be. They are often noisy on week nights and the rooms look like they haven't been renovated since the 60's. That said, the rooms are much bigger than the other student halls and because the individual flats are all linked together you will meet more people. Definitely recommend, you can still get work done in the library when you need to, they're not noisy all the time, and you will have the best social life living in them and its only first year :).