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18 November 2018

This place isn't very good for living standards and being catered isn't as good as it sounds ... fry up, chips and burgers nearly every day; gets you through freshers week but isn't ideal for much longer than that. However, the social life if amazing, you will turn into a mild alcoholic but you will also make many more friends and find somthing to do every night! So you lower your hygiene and health standards but gain experience, fun and friends for life!

9 May 2018

The accommodation is okay with good maintenance. However, the kitchen and bathrooms could be much better. The layout though is good and sociable.

9 May 2018

Not the best quality food. The kitchen could be much better with better cooking facilities such as proper hobbed cookers and oven. Halls maintenance is good but res life are very unreasonable.

3 May 2018

Disclaimer: This is about tower - the rest of OP is unfamiliar to me. Social experience can be good - parties do happen. I do wish the flats were more mixed (guys and girls are quite separated) and smaller, as that could provide for better socialisation - this way it’s slightly awkward because doing things with 12 people on your floor (and your side) can be hard. If you’re looking for intellectuals, forget it, honestly (I think they’re mostly in Victoria Park). Owens Park is the hall everyone loves to hate, especially its residents - but we’re all glad to move out in the end, not without the “survived the infamous tower” certficate!

2 May 2018

The accommodation is ancient and the facilities (e.g. showers, radiators, sinks) break often. The res-life are rude and there is a constant stench of urine. But it’s my favourite place in the world, the location and social life of Owens Park is unbeaten by any other Uni of Manchester accommodation.

14 April 2018

I made great friends in halls even though the accommodation was completely terrible in itself with every disaster from no hot water to a single bathroom for 12 girls I guess it just brought us all closer!

16 March 2018

Tiny rooms, bad aesthetics, terrible heating and water management, too many fire alarms, kinda fun for partying tho

26 January 2018

The accommodation itself wasn't very good, with problems happening most of the year. We had water problems, at one point we didn't have hot water for 4 days, and we were without heating for several weeks. The location was prime for student life and the social life was very good in the halls. The only problem was the bar outside which was very loud till the early hours which made it hard to sleep, not very good if you had to be up early in the morning.

30 November 2017

Good if you just want to be able to meet a large number of people who are up for a night out. Really dirty all the time, common room is not livable so everyone is always in their own rooms. Food and utensils get stolen from the kitchen regularly. Bedrooms are bigger than oak house and plenty of storage space in the cupboard. Having a sink in the room was handy for late night chunders when you can't make it to the toilets xx