Oak House



Good social scene and cheap! Also mixed which is a lot better and good for flat parties as the kitchens are big


Social experience is the best in Manchester, but facilities and the halls themselves are more lacklustre. Looks a bit like a prison, not enough fridge space, cookers are temperamental etc. Overall I am enjoying it though.


Arguably the best halls for making new friends and for layout. At Manchester, most people know Oak House as the party halls but they're also the halls with the most convenience (near the bus stop, in Fallowfield so near to different shops, restaurants and bars) and security make sure during exam times they're quiet enough to work in. Despite the gritty interior, anyone who has ever lived in Oak House, will tell you how much they want to return. I would trade in my big third year room and double bed but for one more night in my old block. Also right next to Squirrels, the cheapest student bar I've heard of

Georgie Milne

Although oak house has the prison vibe going on, it's the cheapest accommodation, and probably the most social. The rooms are small, but there's a bathroom on each floor, and the dining/living room is really spacious.