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19 November 2018

Best in Manchester for social experience, pretty worse for wear but that's part of the fun. Good location, easy to get into uni.

19 November 2018

Rooms were stone cold, tiny, barely big enough to do any work. Rooms were damp as well as the kitchen. A sewage backlog flooded my flat which resulted in me having to move to another flat on campus as well as over £1500 worth of damage done to my stuff. Would not recommend to anyone, whether on strictest budget or not as even a room on a budget this small should be better than this shambles of a place. Also very thing walls so hard to sleep at weekends.

19 November 2018

It wouldn't be worth paying for any of the more expensive accommodation as oak house has everything needed to live somewhat comfortably.

19 November 2018

Everything you need, really fun place to live for freshers. Sometimes was too hot. Don't need to get a room with a sink as not neccasary. Great location, close to everything.

19 November 2018

The halls are cheap and well worth the money. The rooms are small but the location is great due to the large volume of students that live close by. The fact that the rooms and general residence aren't 5 star makes in nicer as you don't mind as much when it inevitability gets dirty. The one down side is some of the appliances don't function as they should such as one of the ovens breaking. However, this was fixed very quickly. Another good thing about the halls is the facility's they have close by such as a computer cluster and a gym along with a large and close Sainsbury's store.

19 November 2018

Oak house is very sociable and lively, however, the rooms are often very small. The kitchen is practical and the showers are decent. As my flat is directly next to the student bar Squirrels it can sometimes get noisy but it's never an unbearable amount of noise. Overall it is cheap and cheerful student accommodation.

19 November 2018

Oak House is great value for money! Despite the building being very old and quite unattractive, and the facilities being very basic, we pay such a low price for Manchester that it's worth it. The social aspect of Oak House is the best on the entire campus - everyone is so sociable and there is lots going on. Also we have a fab team of ResLife and security on call 24/7 so problems can be sorted out very quickly.

18 November 2018

The accomodation is old and feels abit like a prison, but if you want the proper uni experience than you have to stay in fallowfield, if you have trouble sleeping, avoid oak house as the windows are thin and you can hear loud music every night

Seb Brealey
18 November 2018

I had a great time here. All the apartments are close proximity so feels like it's own small village, especially when you become good friends with your neighbours. Great range of facilities again nearby or on campus with squash courts, local bar with various events, gym, small computer room, cafe etc. Oak House is one of the cheaper accommodations so the rooms can be quite small but I think it more than makes up for it in other ways. Im sure you will have a more than enjoyable experience with lots of lifelong memories and friends.

18 November 2018

Oak House is quite far from the lush London areas from which most of its inhabitants hail. It does however, and forgive the cliche, have character. The vibrant and close-knit student community is enough to make you forget about the prison-like interiors of your halls, at least until, about half way through the year, the poverty-inspired fashion of Fallowfield students really blooms and unironically tethers itself to the Oak House architectural style, resulting in the community's characteristic prison-chic aesthetic.

18 November 2018

Although it looks like a prison both inside and out, the social life and atmosphere in oak house is one that cannot be beaten in Manchester or indeed anywhere else. You go through hardships with your flatmates and residents of the block that will bond you together and allow you to form long lasting friendships. Although the residents of Owens park and Richmond will try and claim the social high ground, they know that they can never beat the grime and goodwill of oak house and will end up knocking on your door at 3am on a Wednesday looking for something to do.

10 July 2018

The social experience and the location outweighs all negatives - I would redo first year twice in Oak house! Most of the people I knew in other halls like Victoria Park wished they were in oak house or Owens park because of the social experience, and people from Richmond and sheavyn would always come to oak house for flat parties. Oak house was my 3rd choice but I’m so so happy I got put here.

3 July 2018

The halls were overall just what any student needs. It is in the centre of the fallowfield student accommodation campus and surrounded by vibrant nightlife. However the halls themselves need a serious revamp as they are all severely outdated.

1 July 2018

The university halls were fine. Totally acceptable. But that was it. They were located in a rather run-down area of the city, which is not entirely surprising and did allow for lots of cheap food options. Alongside this, there was a massive Sainsbury’s and open-late Tesco. The gated area of the halls themselves was fairly pleasant, with grass and trees making it feel very welcoming. The rooms of the halls were the worst part. Small, prison-like cells of awful colour and harsh furniture. The kitchen was cramped, hot and most of the machines were poor quality. A completely adequate experience nonetheless.

1 July 2018

Oak house whilst being the bare minimum of facilities, is a good value for money, particularly with the real emphasis on social aspects- there is always something going on making it easy to interact with and meet their students nearby in a way that a student house will be difficult to match

30 June 2018

Perfect location, very sociable and in the middle of the student atmosphere. Perfect for students who don't mind too much about having pretty halls but care more about making friends and having a nice time. Study facilities in the area are ideal when you actually need to knuckle down and revise

27 June 2018

I like how social oak house is, and how you get to meet lots of people. However the colours on the wall are quite bland. Although I do love how close oak house is together so just meeting new people is easy.

22 June 2018

There are tiny rooms with brick walls, making it feel like a prison cell. It’s always very loud. If you are friends with your flat it will be fun but if you’re not, it’s quite hard to meet other people.

21 June 2018

I stayed in Holly Court which was perfect for me becuase in the flat I was in it was 4 girls sharing a bathroom and 4 boys sharing a bathroom. Although the buildings are old, everything worked and was as small as you would expect- there are lots of horror stories about the tower, namely people being stuck in the lift. Highly reccomend for the price!

14 June 2018

Great fun. Very basic but everything you need. But extremely loud and at times too intense- if this isn’t your cup of tea you’d be best choosing elsewhere.

10 June 2018

Very basic but it did the job! The best part was meeting people easily from sharing a kitchen. There were some good socials and the whole experience was very enjoyable

6 June 2018

The sinks were phenomenal for a variety of reasons; noise carries through the disgusting walls but it’s not usually an issue. The kitchens are nice.

5 June 2018

It’s a cheap and lively place to stay. It’s location is great and has a bar on site. Any first years dream.

4 June 2018

Even though oak house is a shithole, I would recommend choosing oak house to anyone going into halls. Not only is it the cheapest hall available at the university of Manchester, it is also a lot of fun and a great place go make new friends.