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3 November 2018

The rooms were very spacious and the receptionists were incredibly nice and friendly. I left my key back home several times and the sub warden was always available to let me in my room with no complaints or annoyance. The common room was a perfect size for little gatherings or big hall day parties.

Nisa Ismail
8 May 2018

I had a studio flat in William Morris (although if you went to Loughborough it's better known as Bill Mo). After hearing all the horror stories of students with shared bathrooms and kitchens I was beyond grateful to have my own space. The room is pretty huge - the only negative being that your room will smell like food after you cook. It's super close to the union but kind of far from the library (but if you just need a study space the Hasel Grave building is open 24/7 and is only 5mins away)

15 April 2018

Very close to the union and great atmosphere amongst the whole hall. Having your own postal centre is very useful!

4 February 2018

Decent location, as in, across the road from the union, so getting smashed is a must and it’s easy as. Also, Papa Si’s van is a defo stop on your way home from the union. Halls committee is always class, freshers is sick, can’t go wrong with bill mo tbf

28 December 2017

Location is peak - right across the road from the Union and exactly halfway between town and engineering

28 December 2017

Recently renovated, great sized rooms, and good sized blocks. Everyone loves being in William Morris

28 December 2017

The best halls in Loughborough! They’re in the best location on campus for nights out, lectures, shopping and has the best social experience on campus. It’s like a huge family.

20 November 2017

The hall is good, I personally enjoy it. It has all the things a student need. It's my first year living away from home. It's great that the hall has helped me made some lovely friends to help me out with the hard first couple of weeks of moving out as they all looked after me making sure I wasn't lonely. We sometime take in turns to cook and wash up which is great as you don't have to do everything by yourself all the time.

15 November 2017

Being right next to the students unions and sports facilities, it’s perfect for social activities both during the day and at night! Being so close to the clubs your would expect most people to be heavy party goers (stereotypes) but not everyone is, and there is a friendly environment where peer pressure isn’t encouraged! Facilities are both clean and spacious, particularly if you are lucky enough to be allocated the refurbished blocks.