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14 November 2018

Location was great- very central to everything e.g library, union, lecture halls no more than 5 minutes walk away The social experience was great, however there was no communal area in the block which made it hard to gather as a block My room was fine, I had everything I needed inc a bed, desk, sink and storage space

23 April 2018

Royce is a very nice hall, where you can choose to have an ensuite and is a fully catered hall. The selection in halls is wide and I was given enough facilities and events too ensure I never get bored on campus.

26 March 2018

The location was great. Situated on the edge of the student village, it was near to things going on but not in the heart of it so not too noisy. It is very close to the shop and quite close to the library and lecture theatres so that was very useful. The faculties are very good with a dining hall, common room, washing facilities and outside area. The social experimence is great. You meet different people and form a hall-bond. You meet people in your block first and then branch out. My room was great as it was on the first floor and no one had to go past to get to their room so it was quiet. It also had an ensuite which was very useful.

26 March 2018

Location within the campus was good; in the heart of the student village. Extremely social and always things going on. facilities were good, though some in need for referb. Overall excellent halls.

23 February 2018

Good location for lectures and hockey pitches which was convenient for me. Room not too bad, had ensuite with single bed, but ensuite was not great. Very small shower and toilet for price, but overpriced in this part. Food not bad good value for money in this section as decent portions. Overall would recommend but not the room I had, either double bed ensuite or non-ensuite.

2 January 2018

Absolutely fantastic halls. Amazing social life, good central location on campus, easy access to all facilities. All the room facilities are top notch and well maintained. Catering Monday to Friday, food is plenty and reasonably good quality. Only issue is the lacking of block social areas.

28 December 2017

Very social hall. In the middle of campus so easy to get to lectures, sports facilities etc. Made lots of new friends, everyone is very friendly.

28 December 2017

although the furnishings are outdated (block24) the rooms are the largest on campus I think. wardrobe is too small. also carpet rather than laminate flooring would be nice. ensuite is great however, I do miss being able to change pressures of the shower head and the ability to move it about. also kitchen is way too small and I would recommend losing one bedroom on each floor and turn it into something similar to elvyn or bakewells areas