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5 December 2018

in the student village, same as Robert Bakewell and Elvyn in terms of the most luxurious halls on campus but undeniably better than both because our small population means you'll know every single resident and be part of an unrivalled community spirit. Anyone who's in Rigg Rut knows its the best hall in loughborough

14 June 2018

Great hall, not many people, but great community that makes you feel home. Facilities are top, the internet is very fast, but crashed a few time throughout the year, but no big deal. Overall amazing experience

12 March 2018

Smallest hall on campus leads to more of a community. As long as you try and get involved you will meet loads of friends and get to know most of the people in the hall. Decent position on campus not far from most things and the nicest rooms of all halls

28 December 2017

Best hall there is! It’s the smallest hall on campus which may seem like a bad thing to some however it was the best part as t means you get to know everyone in your hall as oppose to there being thousands in your hall and only knowing a tiny proportion. It’s a brilliant location in the student village and only a 5 minute walk from the library. Block D has just been redone so has the nicest kitchens of all the halls and even have a breakfast bar along with heated towel rails in the rooms! The rigg rut community is amazing and I loved it so much that I stayed there for my second year also!

28 December 2017

Great en suite rooms , nice desk, warm and plenty of light. Good to be centrally located in the Village . Wifi ok, kitchens good, The Granby good for pre drinks .

28 December 2017

100% best hall on campus. Becomes your university family. Close to all the required facilities. Clean, en-suite, big rooms, modern kitchens.

28 December 2017

The location is good about half way through the campus, there could be another bus stop made closer to the accommodation but otherwise it's good. The facilities are good, large laundry room about 2 mins away. Having a lift is helpful for moving in and for getting food shopping up stairs. The hall is quite sociable with organised nights out. Not a lot of sober activitys though. My room is a good size. Not a fan of the wet room as it floods and can leak out the bathroom into the main room. Otherwise it's good.

28 December 2017

It's located in the student village about 3 minutes away from the library. It has a large laundry room with decent prices. There is a good hall community with hall activities. My room is abit narrow but fine. I would have preferred a shower to a wet room.

16 November 2017

Search in Urban Dictionary 'Ideal Accommodation' and you'll find Rigg-Rut. It's fact. Great accommodation with large Kitchens to socialise, eat and work and En-suite bedrooms! what more can you want you ask? Cleaners who can come clean your kitchen and bedrooms! One of the smallest halls on campus which makes it easier to make new friends and easier to get involved! Location wise, it's 3 minute walk to library, just under 10 minutes to the student's union and just under 10 minutes to holywell gym. Busses to town you can jump on from outside the library and and it's 10mins bus journey. A prime location to live in and and great hall to be a part of!