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29 March 2018

The location of Harry French is great because it is just off campus meaning that it's a shorter walk into town so you get to experience more of Loughborough than just the university campus. It is also a very short walk to the union making it very covenant for nights out and for popping to the coop for supplies. The rooms in Harry French are spacious despite the affordable price and the shared showers being in separate bathroom rooms gives it a homely feel unlike the shower cubicle style that other halls in the village have. The committee are very dedicated and there are lots of social events planned. One thing that could be improved is the use of the outdoor space such as more seating and sheltered areas to make more use of the spacious grounds.

13 March 2018

Good atmosphere, great punch, decent rooms, can sleep well. I approve, needs more dragons and doggos. Doggos must be allowed. Warden is nice guy, can drink well.