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16 November 2018

Loved tiger tiger loads of different rooms with all types of music for everyone , very spacious and classy . The prices aren't too bad they have a guest list that give cheaper entries always meet different people there .

16 November 2018

Always nice music

15 November 2018

Bad for rave. Good for old hiphop music. Drinks r pricy. Crowd r mostly above 25+. Q is not that long. There is a restaurant for burger n similar inside. Clockroom only cash.

15 November 2018

Expensive drinks but 2 free with the ticket which makes entry orice worth it. Great mix of ages with people averaging the 19-25 mark making you not feel out of place wheh you arrive there

15 November 2018

Kind of creepy, the giys are very forward and sometimes give you weird looks. The music is good they play charts music so typical club music and the place is really big but there are weird people. The drinks are normal price for london and they sometimes dos tudent nights so the ticket for entrance is cheaper but the best deals are online so if you are plannig to go I would recomend buying ticket with drinks online because sometimes they have really good prices

15 November 2018

Spend the last weekend there, was my first time in that club. I enjoyed a lot, different rooms with different environment in each one. Love it the DJs and the prices for drink was cheaper on student night. I'd love to come back soon xx

15 November 2018

This club is really great ! Nice music Must visit on Saturday and Friday Near to piccadaly ! The drinks are cheap enough

15 November 2018

Best club on town go there if you want to have fun and chill with your friends. Great music greta ambiance lovely Staff

Andrea Santos Apaza
15 November 2018

The value of the money it's really good, I love the music as on Wednesday they put Latin music, the atmosphere it's mixed as there are people from everywhere. I met a lot of people there and make a strong friend relationship.

15 November 2018

Not a bad venue, a little on the expensive side but that's to be expected in Leicester Square. Its pretty close to the stations and there are a few cash machines / fast food joints dotted about around the location. Music selection could be better and it's full of a lot of the 'same types of people

15 November 2018

The best days to go is Wednesday and weekends. On Wednesday they do the best latino parties, unfortunately it's until 3AM but if you go early you will enjoy the happy hour

15 November 2018

I'm an american studying in London for a bit and I'm trying the most amount of clubs I can. I had a great time at Tiger Tiger the first time I went. They have like 4 different rooms playing 4 different types of music, which is really nice. The drinks are kind of expensive, especially because the bartenders sometimes like to skimp out on the alcohol. It's like 5.50£ for a tequila shot, which I guess is rather normal in central London. However, the vibe here is so fun. It's usually packed on Friday and Saturday nights so you can most likely find some people outside of your group to talk to. It's located in such a central part of London, so no matter where you are, you'll find yourself getting back home quite easily. Bouncers are really chill for the most part. I had a mix up one night and accidentally went out the exit instead of smoking area. The first bouncer wouldn't let me back in, but then I talked to another one and he sorted it. Definitely would recommend if you're with a big group. It's worth the money! Make sure to book the guest list on designmynight for free entry though!

15 November 2018

This place is honestly amazing :). Perfect location for a night out with friends. I usually go on Fridays and Saturdays and honestly I can't stress enough on how this place is amazing. The cocktails are great, the music is fantastic people arr nice.

12 August 2018

Lovely atmosphere with both the staff and the students who visit here. I come here a lot and each time has been great. Not one bad word to say about the place

3 July 2018

Great customer service. I spoke to the staff regarding a birthday party event. And he was very friendly and managed to get me and 6 of my friends an exclusive VIP area. One of the best nights i have had in a long time. The DJ was really good. Service was good. Didnt have to wait long for the drinks. But the only negative is the condition of the toilets. It needs renovating. Otherwise amazing night. Many thanks again.

19 June 2018

Great atmosphere with friendly employees which were great! Got a free drink! Great evening with even better music!

17 June 2018

The venue is really nice I love how there are different sections for different type stuff of music. It’s so lit and I think the atmosphere is really cool Issa vibe.

10 June 2018

It is a great club for anyone actually and the students specially have all the fun that they needed. I personally was there with my uni friends and it was really good, nice cocktails, good music and it is in the heart of London so no problem with the trasportation. This club is to be consider one of the best in London I think where you can bring your friends and have fun.

7 June 2018

I had a great night at Tiger Tiger in central london. The entry fee was £10 which is pretty decent compared to most clubs. The value for drinks was really good too, around £13 for three shots. The music was amazing, they have a seperate room where they olay R&B music which is where I spent most of the night and it was really enjoyable.

5 June 2018

Ok but nothing special if I'm honest. Was extremely quiet when I went and barman said it would get busier at 2am but it didn't. Overpriced drinks. Outdated music, think the DJ is stuck in 2008

2 May 2018

The music is good. Me and my friends really enjoy going to tiger tiger. the deals they have a cheap for example my friend payed £200 for her birthday and we had a lot of drinks and a good table with a lot of space to dance.The club location is perfect but it gets very packed and you can’t really dance. Cloakroom is £3 per item which is a bit too much.Overall the vibe in the club is good.

30 April 2018

Great club! great music! great drinkss! Best night i ever had was at this club. Met alot of students from different university around london. its abit expensive but its great value for money. Money doesnt matter when your having fun. So put that cute dress on and secure a fine guy there and party away.

25 April 2018

Terrible ladies as a bartenders. Drinks preparation takes forever. Music variety could be better too but a lot of space in the club

25 April 2018

It's a cool place to go on a night out with your friends in the city. Friendly staff, decent prices and lots of good music.